• To deny them voting rights would be discrimination

    To treat autistic people like they don't have the right to vote would be treating them like they are not valid members of society, And therefore not even real people. I am autistic myself, And if I got denied the right to vote because of my autism, You bet that would feel like a slap in the face, And I would do everything I could to get that policy overturned.

  • Yes I see no reason why

    They can think for themselves and can make dependent choice. Although I would not let people who are brain dead or mentally impaired to vote because their caretakers would be the ones voting. They need to be fully aware of who they are voting for and why and cannot be swayed to do so.
    I mean children are not allowed to vote for a reason.

  • All are equal

    Yes. . . Autistic people also can vote they are also apart of the society and may be there are disabled people but they can makes that disabilities into abilities and they are getting stronger than the people who are perfect. . They feel the pain of others because there in pain. . They are imperfect from outside but they may perfect within. . . . .

  • They're protected under the ADA!

    First of all, A majority of people with autism lead fairly normal lives, And are just a capable to make the decision to vote as you are. Second, The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Directly prohibits the discrimination of those with physical and mental disabilities. Not allowing those with autism to vote is a violation of the ADA.

  • Everyone should have the right to vote

    Whenever one class, Race, Or mental state has been rejected to their right to the ballot box it is disastrous to them and is against human rights. Therefore, All people deserve the right to vote, Even the autistic people because the right to vote is the right to live. Thankyou.

  • No fam no

    They stupid innit they can't fink strait let alone se strait they downies and need to stop having the right to be human az i say they cany think strait so it can't vote. Little mongs deciding our election detting privolidge over my 6 kids discrasful i only og 1 gces and that was in woodwork cos i made shank

  • Autism more like Not allowed to vote am I right?

    I think that autism ppl should nit be aloud to voet as they alwaes get in the way of me pokemon batlees nd it mkes me angry! They r just a noosence to everhyone amd eberuything so they should not vote. I hope this argument mks sence to you fam x

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