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  • It should be legal

    First of all, As long as the person being eaten gives consent before he or she dies, It should be okay. Second, It's a perfect way to recycle bodies; if you simply bury a body, None of the body itself will have gone to any good use. Third, If we eat meat from chickens, Cows, Turkeys, Etc. , Then why should we ban cannibalism? It's eating meat, Just from a different animal. Fourth, It's not gross as long as if the meat is cooked.

  • People are yummy

    If someone doesn't mind being eaten, And someone wants to eat humans, It should be legal. This will save us from possible serial killers committing crimes just because of their cannibalistic tendencies. The crime should be murder, Not cannibalism. Ultimately, If it is legalized, Society will be a safer place.

  • It 100% be legal to eat other people

    Look, Idk about any of you, But have you tasted grilled human? ! ? ! ? It's my muse, My one favorite food of all time. If you look throughout history too, All of the coolest people (including Hannibal Lecter) ate other people. From a legal perspective, If it's allowed to eat pigs, Than why should it be illegal to eat humans? I mean, Pigs are nicer anyway, So THEY ought to be the ones protected by law (in theory) and not humans. So it should absolutely be legalized.

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