• Cars are dangerous for is and the environment

    They produce a lot of heat, Yet are only around 30-35% efficient in turning that heat into rotational motion. Most people drive to work by them selves but drive a 2Ton vehicle making it even more wasteful. You have engines that are capable of going 200km plus but the highest speed limit is 110kmH. All the cars previously built have to be dismantled and recycled responsibly other wise the oil and other contaminants(paints, Tires, Rust, Chemicals) all end up sinking and sinking until they are in our waterways and aquifers. Safe and clean activities like walking and cycling are made to be more dangerous because of cars and their drivers.

    So many deaths each year and rising even though manufacturers claim they are building safer cars. The environment of a car invites people to be complacent, They talk and text on their phones, Some just can’t control a car properly even when not using a phone. Driving a car makes you not care about your safety properly, They think driving the biggest car means the safest, Because they have 2 tons of metal and airbags around them, But they are significantly worse at braking and tend to roll over if hit from the side and allow you to think your safe from anything.

    They allow consumerism to accelerate by having people drive to fancy stock caches(shopping centres) so they can have them spend their money on some plastic product made in asia, That they are told will grow their happiness

  • Horrible pieces of junk .

    Well first off the most obvious reason is that cars are really really really harmful to our world through vehicles emitting large amounts of pollutants. The earth is our home and our provider, we lived without cars before why can't we repeat that. Accidents are caused and lives are lost each year precious lives. Back before the cars invention people use to walk on the streets; imagine all that space could be put into good use. I feel like city/metropolitan area would be better off using public transport. Maybe not banning all vehicles immediately but in the distant future it would be a great decision.

  • No and never

    Use public transport and save the earth!!

  • Ban cars or else

    Ban cars because they emit things that arent healthy then people get asthma because in china there is too much smog and smog rhymes with fog, and also looks like fog but is bad for ur body and u can get asthma because in china there is too much smog and smog rhymes with fog and also looks like fog but is bad for ur body and u can get asthma. BOOOO HOO

  • We have the technology to have a pollution free world, but something must be done about it!

    We don't need cars (and taxis) ! We have electric trains, electric and hydrogen buses, bicycles, and our own legs, which don't pollute the air (assuming the electricity comes from renewable sources), to replace cars that run on unsustainable fossil fuels and produce dirty, unhealthy, toxic gases. We could also replace taxis with cycle rickshaws. Cycling also helps people keep fit and healthy.

    In a future without cars, in a rural area you could walk, cycle, or book a cycle rickshaw online to your nearest bus or regional train stop, where you would continue your onward journey by bus/regional train, then walk, cycle, or get a cycle rickshaw to your final destination, and in a urban area you could cycle/walk across the city, catch a cycle rickshaw, or get a city bus/train to wherever you are going.

    For journeys outside your local area/city, you could get to your local area/city central train station by a mode of transport listed above, catch an electric intercity train, then reach your final destination by transit mode listed above. All electricity could come from renewable sources – hydroelectric, wind, solar, geothermal, tidal, wave, biomass, ect.

    If we want to completely stop global warming and climate change then we have to get rid of everything that produces toxic emissions, everywhere.

  • Cars are a huge participant in the apocalypse

    Have you ever done research on global warming? You should 57% of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is from cars. The most likely world apocalypse is global warming. Unless we find the technology to rip gases out of our atmosphere, its not a matter of if, its a matter of when the world will end due to climate change and our atmosphere destroys our world and cooks us all alive. I'm 16 years old, if i have this much knowledge about this, than adults who say no it shouldn't be banned are just selfish and idiotic. Human nature is to not plan ahead and just live in the moment. This is because we are use to paradise and we don't think anything will happen to us because we are the dominant species and have no natural predators. Its time for us to plan ahead and think about our children. Do you want them to be cooked alive in our own world? There are so many reasons as to why cars should be banned. I guarantee you that people won't listen to me and nobody will do anything until its to late, it almost already is. Do we really need cars? Do we really need paper? THE ANSWER IS NO!

  • It is killing our planet.

    CO2 emissions are ruining our planet, Causing global warming and eventually killing the ozone layer. When that happens, The world will quite literally burn. Maybe trump and all the other old politicians don’t care, Cause they won’t be here to see it happen. But I might if we continue down this path.

  • Why cars are bad for earth

    Nowadays the pollution on Earth is getting worse. Cars emit pollution and gas. We can also do a lot more walking because it is good for us. There are way to many cars nowadays, We can also use public transport. Remember people before had no cars. Save the earth! ~ Valerie

  • Please like my argument

    Do u all know how climate change is affecting our daily lives in a serious way? If we don't come up with some solutions now, We won't call Earth our home anymore. So many carbon dioxide is produce during the progress of making a car in a factory and using it. The air we breathe in the streets will no longer be fresh. Different types of gas which are harmful to our body and dust will be in swirling in our lungs. Therefore, I strongly believe that cars should be banned.

  • Yes we should

    Cars are terribly polluting our environment and degrading out lives. . . I live in a very congested city. . . Drivers here are rude and behaving terribly. . . Every year car accidents are taking many lives in my country. . . People drive recklessly despite all attempts to educate them. . . People in my city are afraid to use their bikes or even scooters because of cars. . . Cars are everywhere. . . They park them where they like. Honestly I want to leave this terrible city. . . It is sometimes so congested. . . It is a small city. . . The distance is short and cars are making it long. . .

  • Huge surge in unemployment

    If you want your country's economy to decrease greatly then go ahead and ban the cars, The UK is a first world country and if it's unemployment status is minimal then it won't put a good impression towards the government. Working with cars is a type of dream job, Some kids say they want to work with cars. I know this is a cruel world but if it is possible then there is no reason for it to not exist.

  • Mobility is Freedom

    Walking is a form of transportation. It requires little investment and it will get you to many destinations that you seek. But, You are limited as to what you can carry and weather can make walking either very enjoyable or very miserable. Biking extends the range of how far you can go, But your payload limit is only mildly increased. Cars extend your range as far as you can drive. Fuel availability and other car costs are the big hurdles, But the investment is well worth the cost. Yes, You can use a bus or taxi, But the conveniences are limited vs ownership. If you make a living with your vehicle, The reasons are self explanatory. If you enjoy freedom of extended mobility, Then ownership of your transportation is as important as your freedom of work. Would you like to own your work environment, Or be subject to it? Yes, Car ownership has liabilities, But depending on your lifestyle, You may be well served or poorly served by public transportation or biking or walking. I like having the options of ALL forms of transportation. I will not surrender ownership of my vehicle until I can't operate it any longer.

  • We use them in lives

    Who doesn't use a car in their everyday lives. How did you get what you wrote your comment on or how you are seeing this? A car. Even if you didn't drive to a store to get it, But instead, Got it delivered, How do you think it got delivered? By a car. Also, It saves lives but yeah. See, Cars do so much for lives, From saving lives to deliveries.

  • Hhhhhhhh n s

    In my opinion that is the most dumbest idea ever! We are living in the 21st century NOT the 1800s. A car is so necessary and I can guarantee you half the people saying they should be banned half cars, They should not be banned they are so helpful, Reliable and you can create a lot of memories in them

  • People in rural areas

    It is okay for people who live in the cities because there is trains and buses but people in rural areas (people in the countryside) need a car to get everywhere. Cars are safe if the person driving it is careful be safe people of this world thank yall and goodbye

  • That's authoritarian as heck

    Cars today are more reliable than ever so there's no need to worry. People stigmatize cars way too much, But not video games, Cell phones or even junk food. How else will you out of town? What if the bus station is out of order? What if there's an emergency?

  • No no no read this and you'll see why.

    What if you are a regular kid going to school in wintertime and suddenly, There is huge snow on your road but not on your school's road? Your school will still be open but walking to school for you takes approx. 30 mins and trekking to school through snow takes around an hour. You'll be late for school and blamed for it and yet it not's your fault it's the government's for banning cars. Great. One more problem would be added. And what impact would banning cars have against global warming, Climate change? Nothing. Nothing compared to the hundred millions of American citizens. If they don't do something we're lost. Nothing we do will help, You see?
    People crashing cars and driving too fast. Bring in more sinister laws. Don't sugar-coat it; we're not being hard enough on criminals. Letting them go with a 'warning'. Basically, 'warning' equals 'not bothered to do anything because of the amount of effort it takes'. Lazy policeman slacking on roadwatch. Not good, Right? Keeping cars will be a good challenge for our government and police. We'll benefit from these vehicles.
    Cars are classified as vehicles that can take small groups of people. Lorries, Trucks, Everyday automobiles. All, Gone. Snap.
    What, Will we all by horses, Or private jets? Yeah right. I myself have a horse but seriously, I'm lucky. It's guaranteed that banning cars is not the right thing to do.
    Thank you :)

  • No hell no

    Think about rural areas most rural areas have no form of public transport so if cars were to be banned what would people do who live in rural areas so please think about them people who live there and do not ban cars. You might say walk or get a bike but how would them people get into town far away

  • We need cars really

    If we don't have cars we will lose jobs and people won't get money and become homeless ccarscarscarscarshdhfhdjdjfjekshcnfjejd we could always use electric cars which would save pollution I really think we need cars really truly we need cars they are good if you have an emergency you would need a car

  • We depend on cars!

    While it is true that cars pollute the earth, We also need them for emergencies. People say that cars cause deaths. They also save lives. We may be more fit without the benefit of cars, But would be really exercise more, Or just hitch a ride on a neighbor's horse? Cars are a part of our daily lives, And we CANNOT give them up.

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