• Gas is great

    Measure for measure gas is a far better fuel source than any likely replacement/alternative. There might be a niche for alternative fuel vehicles, But they'll never perform like even "modest-"octane gas vehicles; let alone HIGH-OCTANE automobiles, Baby! And with the US becoming energy independent, Gas-fueled cars will be around indefinitely if not likely eternally.

  • Its the way things are

    We have done this for many years and if we stop the econmy is probaly going to crash f the envorment that bs is not real shli any way aight now i need to force more words in hear beacaise this wensite expect me to use 50 words per argument

  • WELL DUH! What's your alternative?

    Anyone with half a brain in their head knows that a car that doesn't run on fuel doesn't run at all. '60s era hippies would suggest otherwise. So, What would be the alternative? Pushing your car everywhere you go? That kind of defeats the purpose of a car. The only way this discussion could get dumber is if someone implied that the alternative would be cars running on love. And even if that were the alternative, Wouldn't that make love the new fuel, In lieu of gasoline. Whatever a car runs on qualifies to be called fuel.

  • Yes because not everyone is a senile hippie

    Why don't you walk 10 miles to work each day. Or peddle to work every day. The streets are already filled with annoying people on bikes why not have hundred of people on bikes crowding the city.
    And while we are on that subject why don't you stop ordering stuff online and stop buying non locally grown food so no chocolate or bananas or coffee because they are not local.

    I do not live withing 5 miles of where I work and I have no time to use use the bus and walk 2 mile just to get to work late. Only hipsters who work downtown live within walking to where they work. A lot of people live far from where they work.

    New green technology is being developed for cleaner transportation. We cannot go backwards to walking or peddling. And you are a hypocrite because you are using imported electronics from around the world like china or France and you must drink imported coffee so do not tell me how to live when you waste just as much fossil fuels as me.

  • Of course not

    Let me talk about the dumbasses that think that cars should use fuel. People like Donald Trump thinks that there is "clean coal" or "clean fuel. " That is total bullshit. There are way more ways than gasoline or fuel to operate a car. Use electricity. People will know that there is now more ways to operate a car using common sense. I don't know what senile hippies has to do with cars, Because its 2019. Duh. Don't you know that you can also take a bus, Train, Carpool, Bike, Boat, Or airplane. You can also walk. Consider these options before you become an anti-semitic republican and using cars powered entirely on fuel that annihilates the only planet we have. Screw every person that supports global warming.

  • Electricity: An Alternative

    Electricity can be a much better alternative. I don't understand what exactly the word fuel in the statement means, But I believe electricity is the on future cars should and will run. I think everyone knows the benefits of electric cars how many companies are supporting electric companies. . .

  • Cars shouldn't use fuel

    Cars shouldn't use fuel; it's a waste of time: You might be going somewhere important that you shouldn't miss and you might run out of gas; the place you're going to might be 0. 5 meters away from you you have to find the nearest gas station to fill your car.

  • We Should Work On Cleaner Alternatives.

    Some people voting yes are being snarky and saying that if you vote no you're stupid-- but the thing is, You don't need gasoline to fuel cars. There are electric cars and companies and scientists are working on cleaner, Greener, More environmentally conscious. For example, ExxonMobil is producing oil from algae. Exxon and Synthetic Genomics have been partnering since 2009 to create this oil to be used as a renewable and low-emission alternative to traditional fuels.

  • I think cars shouldn't use gas. . .

    There are so many reasons not to do so that i can't begin to describe all of them but here are a few: Gasoline releases quite a bit of CO2 yearly, If we don't use it technological fields like electric cars and things of that nature will gain momentum and it is very expensive especially with the fluctuation of gas and oil prices in the market.

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anc2006 says2019-12-01T21:01:08.590
If cars don't use fuels that would be hardly cars at all.

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