• Absolutely. 100%. Without a doubt!

    Mobile phones should never be allowed to use at schools in the first place. Once children get their hands onto those devices, They will never let them go. It is like an addiction.

    On top of that, When students start playing/chatting on their mobile phones while the teacher is teaching, This can cause great diversions. In other words, Other students who WANT to learn and do well are disturbed/can not concentrate. The teacher will also lose focus on what they are doing too. The teachers are then forced to change sides, Where they have to deal with student discipline. Other students who want to learn are left waiting for the lesson to move on. Basically, Mobile phones can create a divide in the classrooms and can also be a waste of time.

    Schools from all across the globe should open up discussions and begin to monitor on this issue quickly. In order for our children to strive for success, The schools should be held accountable and act!

  • Yes. Be banned

    They are a distraction, And a nuciance. They make kids depressed, And a snotty brat. No teacher is happy when their students come to class doing tik tok moves and dances. It upsets other kids, And even their parents, Because of their grades. Us kids don't need phones in school. That's that.

  • Technology is the future

    In schools phones should be allowed as it gives students more access to their education its do much easier to learn when you can go through things at your own pace applications like google classroom and showbie have been set up to aid the use of technology in education and it really works

  • No no no

    School is already f***ing outdated and nowadays literally all workplaces require a phone. Banning phones would only lead to kids going out to the toilet to play games/text each other. Bannintg something is never the right idea, Look at the war on drugs. If someone thinks phones should be prohibited then they are out of their mind.

  • No. No. No.

    They may be a distraction. However, With a ban rule, This could lead to students using their phones in places we wouldn't want them to. Such as, The bathroom. They would be sneaking around. And if caught, The consequences would be bigger whereas if there was no rule, The consequences wouldn't be as severe. Also, I believe that the phones should be banned in classrooms unless needed. But in the hallways, Students should be allowed to use their phones.

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