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Should children be paid every year but can’t spend it until 18? So they have a way to start life

  • Young adults would be better off with some savings, However. . .

    You did not specify who should be contributing to these savings. I do not agree with the government being responsible for paying into the savings of every child (in the United States). That responsibility ultimately falls on the parents who made the decision to have a child. Perhaps some employers could offer programs that assist new parents in saving money for their children in the future but there should not be any law forcing businesses to do this. Parents should make sure they are financially stable before having children.

  • Only at the parents' discretion.

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  • Instead of giving them money teach them adult life skills BEFORE they reach the age of 18

    No kids and teens under the age of 18 should not be paid every year until they turn 18 by government or other services/agencies.

    The thing that should be happening is parents should only have kids if they are financially stable to be able to support the kid(s). Teens and adults between the ages 16-19 should be in some type of job.

    I think the bigger issue is some parents don't teach kids or teens about finances/money and some parents keep supporting an adult son or daughter well after age 18. While the adult son or daughter sits at home doing nothing- and I'm talking about the type of adults that do not have any type of disability or medical condition that would prevent or limit them from working. The parents still buy any clothes they may need/want, Food, Toys/games, Or electronics such as a Nintendo Switch or other gaming consoles, Etc.

    If you don't teach kids or teens how to handle money, Jobs, Etc when they are underage or treat them as if they were underage as adults (with no type of disability), Or even those who grew up in care homes, Then they are going to have a hard time in the future.

  • NO. Children should have to work to save their own money.

    Or their parents should be the ones putting the money away for their future. It is not the government's job to make sure that each and every little kid will have some money to start off on. If they don't have to help put away their own money, They might get the idea that things will just be handed to them in life.

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