• Up to kids

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  • Up to parents.

    Tho I wouldn't say that all kids should be allowed, Some should have the option. Like other things like internet access, The parents should apply rules such as limiting it to a time after homework is done and bedtime and what programs they are allowed to watch. Should they break the rules, The parents can and should take the option away. The only reason I might allow a child to have either a TV or computer in their room is because children need to be entertained too and may not be into what the parents choose to watch. Same for the parents. If your little ones want to watch Dora The Explorer or Sesame Street then the parents won't be forced into watching it. Because children and parenting differs, The decision should be up to the parents.

  • Certainly controversial, Yet consequential decision

    Installing TV into your children's room is a terrible idea in many ways. Many reasons that come immediately when I think of this question is that: they will never come out their room unless they need to use the bathroom, Are vulnerable to anything they are watching, You remain curious about what your child could be watching. So many reasons that I think this a bad idea from the start and not worth considering about. Do not put a TV into your child's room! You as a parent will immediately regret it. I, Myself am just a sixteen year old teenager but very intelligent, Sharp and analytical and can take any situation and question into consideration. Honestly, I can go on but I'll stop.

  • What do you think?

    I'm not trying to be like that 36 year old mom telling kids TV rots thier heads but when you really think about it, Can it. Your starting from such a young age and by the time you get to your adult years your mind adapts to different things that "normal" kids without TV's are used to like going outside, Playing a sport and etc. . Watching TV can also introduce new things to your kid that they couldn't have known at that time period. This just show to prove that kids have minds that are vulnerable and easy to mess around with.

  • No, They should not.

    No, They should not. 1, Distracts from sleeping, 2, You have no idea what the could be watching, 3, The cost for speakers and a decent TV is too much money for some families. Parents will feel like a failure if they cannot buy a TV for their "greedy" child. This is unfair for the parents

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