• Yes, they should.

    When kids have cell phones, they feel safer and you can get a hold of them. If you are a parent like me, you would want to know your kid or kids are safe at home, not getting kidnapped and not being able to call you!. What would you do if your kid got kidnapped?

  • Cell Phones are great for children

    Children should get phones for multiple purposes like emergencies, activities and academic help. Using a phone for calculators and searching the web may not be used a lot but can help when you need it. Also, if kids are lost, hurt, scared or witnessing an incident, the phone is there for them. Lastly, phones can have apps for fun and calling or texting to keep up with or connect with family and friends.

  • Yes children should have cell phones

    Yes children should have cell phones. A big sister has the responsibility to use a cell phone to call mother/father if an issue comes up. Cell phones could also help students. If you have a friend in the same class as you and you have their number and you forgot your homework, you could just call that friend and get the homework.

  • They need cell phones to communicate.

    They should have cell phones, and if they don't they'll get bullied at school. No mother would want their child to get bullied. I don't! It is vital to communicate with your children since they might want to call you in emergencies. They can't go around borrowing people's cell phones and using their credit!

  • Yes.

    Children should have cell phones, but they should be very limited in how and when they can use them. Cell phones would allow children to access their parents or other family members in case of an emergency. They would also allow parents to reach their children. Despite this children should be able to carry them but not use them in school.

  • Yes, children should have cell phones

    I believe all children should have cell phones, but with limitations. For example, a child should have a cell phone with just minutes, and maybe a few text messages. They don't need to have data plans or a crazy amount of text messages, It's unnecessary. Children having cell phones helps parents feel more at ease. If there is a problem, a child can quickly take out their phone and call home. It's important.

  • Yes but no

    Kidss should have sell phones when they leave but when they ge home you should take it away so there not temted to play games on. I took my sons phone away and he got so mad and started to scream so I sent him to his room then he said I hate you and never wont to see you. Later that day his phone rang so I looked at it he was sexting.

  • It is important for them to have them.

    All kids need phones because what if something bad happens? Then they would have a phone to communicate to their parent or guardian. Like what if that kid was kidnapped what could the parents do..... Nothing because the kid did not have their own phone. All kids really should have a phone.

  • I would have been dead without a phone

    Ok maybe not me, but my child would have. My child was kidnapped by some people and was taken away. He had a cell phone and called 911. Soon the police were there and my son was safe,a lot because of that phone. KIDS NEED PHONES THIS IS THE 21st CENTURY

  • Yes fore sure

    Kids should have phone in case of emergency or if they need to cantact there parents or relitives. If they walk around by there selfs, go to school by their selves then they should have a phone to comtact someone in case of an emergengy. If you do let your child get a phone, set limits.

  • Of course not!

    I am a 12 year old girl and I highly disagree with children having smartphones.Most of my friends are busy texting each other during class,leaving me to do the whole project sometimes.And I have lost most of my friends since I don't have a phone since it's not "cool" not have a phone.I admit it,I do have my very own tablet,and gaming systems.But my mother also set restrictions so I can play outside and do my homework.There are very smart people in my grade that have all honors and because of the overuse of smartphones, their grades have dropped immensely and they feed off of me to copy my homework.I have gotten caught, thus getting 2 detentions for letting them copy off my papers.I think parents should wait around high school or until they're mature enough,to give their children phones.

  • Did we NEED cell phones when we were growing up? No. We were held to more responsibility.

    Children are losing communication skills due to this electronic era.

    Children would rather text than talk.

    Children know very crafty ways to trick their parents using cell phones. (current location etc.)

    Parents don't need more easy parenting.

    Parents need to build trust with their children as opposed to using a cell phone like an ankle bracelet.

    Stop taking the easy way out of everything. Shortcuts get us lost. I told my children that when they are responsible enough to purchase their own cell phones they can have one. My kids are extremely well behaved and happy even without cell phones. The only problem I had is that my son once stole $60 complaining that he wanted an IPad and cell phone he said he wanted to live like every other kid. I handled this by taking him to the ghetto where I grew up. I let him live with my aunt for the summer. He hasn't had a disciplinary problem since. He learned that asking for what other kids have is a double edge sword after living with children that have nothing.

    I also showed him pictures of starving kids around the world because in the end.... Would a cell phone make one of those kids life Better?

  • No why would they?

    My friends never want to do ANYTHING with me anymore. All they want to do is sit their butt on the couch and join each others Minecraft servers. It bugs me to think that parents would want their children to be brainwashed by an electronic device that can set off cancer..... :(

  • It's bad for them.

    Kids should not have phones because they should spend their time outside, not spend their time inside. It's bad for their eyes for kids to have phones. You don't want kids to get bad eyes, and they will spend all day on the phone, so I think kids should not have phones.

  • No No No No No

    CHILDREN should not have cell phones. A CHILD should always be close to a parent or a trusted adult which I'm certain would have a cell phone they could let the CHILD use if needed. Schools have phones, someone at any extracurricular activity your child is involved in will have a phone. Cell phones should be reserved for teenagers that are of driving age or older, adults, etc.

  • Smartphones vs feature phones

    A smartphone and a feature phone are very different things. Yes, I am perfectly fine with a kid with a feature phone, because all they can really do is call and text, and it is not as addicting as a smartphone. A smartphone is addicting and can cause a kid to use it constantly and can ruin their life, with being able to play games, watch videos, go to FB, all from a phone. A recent study compared kids in high school who had smartphones with kids who didn't. The phone kids' grades were a lot worse. Kids should not have smartphones.

  • One word - Cyberbullying

    Ask yourself this one question. Would you allow a bully into your home, 24-7, and give them free access to your child? Because that is what a mobile phone will allow to happen. A friend's daughter has suffered with this and it's appalling - schools should ban the use of mobile phones. They are an unnecessary distraction, even during break times when children should be using their imaginations and exercising.

  • No phones for kids

    Kids under the age of 12 can get brain radiation. Kids also get cyber bullied. 400,400 kids commit suicide a year because of cyber bullying. Phones make kids get bad grades because they don't study and they also get sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is when a kid doesn't get enough sleep . They often get woken up by a phone call and they stay up playing games.

  • No cell phones for YOU!

    Kids having cell phones is a terrible idea! They get so caught up in their games and texts that they just lose themselves in the virtual world. They become oblivious to what is happening in the real world. I'm a kid who doesn't have one and almost all my best friends are simply sucked in.


    Goverments says kids spend more time on there phones instead of getting out and active.They also say we spend time watching tv or playing on the computers.
    They also need a good education so they can get in a good school or a good collge instead of being lazy and not doing anything and talking to ur friends on ur cell

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Anonymous says2013-05-06T14:58:47.770
I think kids should have cell phones just because.
Anonymous says2013-05-20T18:25:01.070
Kids should not because of stalkers
Anonymous says2013-05-23T15:53:24.050
I think kids should have cell phones because if they are let soccer practice or it ends early they couldn't call there parents
Quan says2013-06-14T15:46:51.953
The next time you don't know where your kid is and can't get in touch with him, you'll wish he had a cell phone.

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