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  • Wow, just, Wow!

    I looked through the NO side. While I was doing so, I saw many errors. Most of the NO side complain that they have sports to do first, did it not occur to you that studies come first? If you fail school, the coach will (most likely) not let you play in that tournament/ game/ meet. As for the grammar errors on the NO side, I believe that many could use some Language Arts homework.

  • Kids should have homework.

    In my opinion, yes children should have homework. I am a child myself in sixth grade in the magnet program. I used to love coming home and my mother would help me with my homework. Now homework is a bit more challenging, but it increases your knowledge, it helps you to understand what you are learning in class. Doing homework is more pro active than watching cartoons for hours. Children complain about staying up all night to do homework, but stay up all night watching cartoons. Yes it may interfere with family activities, sports, or chores, but the grade that children get is more worth it.

  • Children should have homework because it tests to see if they were listening while the lesson is being taught.

    1. It helps you learn it better.
    2. It helps you understand it better.
    3. It tests you if you were listening while the lesson is being taught.
    4. It gives you problems to solve to help you get better at it.
    5. Homework is a good way to involve a child's family in the learning process.

  • To Become Intelligent

    I think that children should have homework MOST days. I say most days because it isn't fair to get homework on vacations like winter or summer break. I don't even think that children should get homework on days that are only one day off. Other than that children need homework everyday, it is good practice. It is especially good when you are studying something difficult, homework can help, it is practicing the topic you are learning and improve your skills on it. Even though I personally don't enjoy it, it is a HUGE help to me!!!

  • Yes Homework! Yes

    Homework adds much more knowledge and it's a good review of what you have learnt at school.Also if you manage your time correctly you would still have a good 4-5 hours of free time before you sleep.Homework prevents last minute studying and can often give you better marks in school

  • Keep Homework Alive

    Students should have homework because it prepares them for high school and college. If we don't prepare them in middle school and elementary school they will be more overloaded in high school and college because they didn't expect it. Long Live Homework! Plus, if we don't have homework, kids will go home and forget everything they learned.

  • Oh, so are we that LAZY?

    Homework is a constructive activity. For some it is torture as well, but looking at it from a realistic perspective, I believe that homework is an integral part of education, it lays down, or say sets the tone for self-study, it helps in building moral values like discipline and punctuality. Even though, I would personally don't like doing my homework, I still argue as a 'responsible and thinking' citizen of the world that this earth still needs homework.

  • Rigor and discipline is lacking .

    American children are failing in school and in obtaining higher education. Children need to be taught early on that life is not piece of cake. It should be reinforced in their schools by demanding higher performance and that includes giving them daily work that they are expected to complete.
    We are raising stupid children compared to other countries and we are paying the price.

  • Homework helps teach good skills.

    As an 8th grade student in the IB program I have experienced more homework than the average child. Commonly, I hear that kids are either stressed by homework or feel like they have no free time. Now, I have had a few breakdowns over homework but they were all self-imposed mainly by procrastination. For kids with sports they should know studies come first and sports are an extra activity they choose to do, which could be considered as their free time activity. Home work teaches good time management and work ethic, and helps students review subjects taught during class. It also helps kids cope with difficulty, stress, and mistakes. Doing your homework can give you good feedback on your knowledge of a subject and help you improve in certain areas. Now, I know this opinion is unpopular, but I do feel that it is because children are not using their resources and their time properly.

  • Kids are retarded

    I think that school should last all week with no days off and if you are sock you still come to school and of they don't get all A+'s then they should be severely punished I also believe that games are to be eradicated. Last and most Importantly when they exercise they have to do painful exercises so they don't look foreword to it.

  • I think kids should not have homework

    Kids need time you relax and unwind, if kids have to spend hours on homework then they are going to stay up late causing lack of sleep and making the brain not as capable to learn as usual. They should be able to hang out with friends. Kids need social time.

  • It is so much stress!!!!!!!

    I am a 9th grader and I rarely do homework, but I'm not being lazy. I spend my after school time doing other things like going for a walk, or sometimes doing something important, or sometimes I have a busy day, and sometimes I just need to relax! School often makes me tired and I have to rest a while before doing anything else! When I do my homework, I get frustrated because I have a lot of it. I have 8 classes each day and each class is 45 minutes long and I'm a little slower than others, so I often don't finish my class work in time, so it becomes homework. I also have problems with almost each subject: I get math homework every day and I have problems with doing it because it gets hard and I need help, but my sister and my mom are both dyslexic, making them have a hard time helping me, and my dad didn't learn what I'm learning when he was in 9th grade, so he doesn't know how to do it. If I have homework from my other classes, I have to write an essay or something (this homework is usually from classes like English and Geography) but I can't write something very long unless I'm really passionate about it. And most of all I can't concentrate!!! I recently couldn't finish a final draft of a project I was assigned where I had to write a letter to the ambassador (They weren't really letters to the ambassador, we were just learning how to write a letter to someone in authority) talking about some problem going on in different places in Africa and how we could help. I chose to write about how Nestle is draining South Africa and causing a lot of problems there and that we should put an end to it. But when I got started on it, I couldn't even finish the first paragraph because I couldn't concentrate, and like I said, I rarely do homework, because I usually spend my day doing something else and when I do, I get stressed out, so usually, even the thought of doing homework stresses me out, so I don't do it. I get math homework every day, so I can never get caught up enough, and I'm failing school because of it! My parents don't believe in ADHD medications and neither do I because we did our research and found out that they actually are really bad for you. So tell me, how in any way, is homework supposed to make my life better?! As far as I'm concerned, it makes everything worse!!

  • Homework Lowers Grades

    Homework is not healthy. You sit in a desk with bad posture all day, stay up till ten that night, and repeat the vicious cycle five more times, getting a brief two day break. After a while, this turns into stress because these children are only doing school related activities,which is very demoralizing and stressful. Some children do not have supportive parents and therefore poorly on their homework. In most schools, homework goes in as a grade. If children are too tired for excessive concentration, this will ultimately cause low homework scores. Especially for high school students, a positive grade in an adolescents record book will result in a higher chance of college acceptance. Homework should be banned.

  • Homework creates stress for the child

    Having more and more homework creates stress for the child and tires them out . Personally my child doesn't have a lot of time for homework so she's under a lot of stress to get it done correctly and on time . So I think children should not have a lot of homework . It's evil.

  • No, because we are too busy being active.

    Kids are too busy doing sports. I think that kids should not have homework. Kids need to be free. They need to not have homework over the summer or over the winter and over spring break they need to be just free. They have no right to make kids have homework!

  • Homework is usless

    I think children should not have homwork because it is usless everytime i get homwork in my class i dont do it becasue it does not help, even without homwork i get awesome grades homwork only helps if you need a lot of help. The only kind of homwork i do is the revision papers we get at the end of the chapters we do because that covers everything we did. A lot of the time you dont like homework because you dont like school so when you go home you are free from school but then you need to do homework... All it does is discourage you for the rest of the school year #NOHOMEWORK

  • Children should not get homework

    Children are at school for 6 to 7 hours and as soon as we get home we have to do more it is stupid. I think if teachers want children to have homework well why won't they just keep us in at lunch simple children go to school to learn and when we get home we want to relax and some children have no time for homework as they have chores when they get home

  • It's too stressful!!!!!!!!!

    Homework is completely and utterly stupid and I won't put up with it!!!! I think kids should have more after school time. When they do have the after school time to play with their friends and family, they can relieve themselves the stress of school because from my experience, school can be quite stressful.

  • Makes kids give up.

    Kids should not get homework because homework makes them not want to go to school and learn, it makes then give up and they don't get help. That's why I agree that kids should not get homework, because they get seven hours of school why get more hours to do homework?

  • Children should not have to do homework

    Children should not have to do homework because it causes stress to students and parents. Kids should be outside playing sport, keeping healthy and having a social life, not staying inside for 1-2 hours doing homework. Homework kills the bond between a kid and his/her parents. It wastes valuable time that youre going to want back when they're older. I believe that homework should be entirely banned or at least optional.

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Anonymous says2013-04-09T13:58:20.450
Yeah you are right you got it no more home work
Anonymous says2013-04-29T14:20:41.447
I do not think kids should have homework because we are inside all day doing work, we do not want to go home to do more!!!!!!!!
Anonymous says2013-05-08T15:13:38.967
Kids should definetely not have homework. It just eats up their time!
Anonymous says2013-05-28T03:56:04.377
Children should receive some homework even in elementary school, but it should be less than 2 hours each night. It helps kid learn and understand school program much better. Homework tests student if he or she was listening while the lesson taught in the class. It gives chance to parents to be involved in the learning process and discuss some tasks with kids together. Every day homework prepares kid to be long life leaners from their yearly ages.
michael90000 says2014-02-21T20:30:08.777
This proves we have lots of students on this poll.
chsrocks says2014-07-04T03:48:32.687
Dumb U.S.A.

We are all ready not a smart country!!! This teachs them how to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are all kids!!!!!!!!!!!!
guesswhoiam says2014-10-21T05:22:58.657
No more home work it is a BIG drag and it takes to much time away from other (better things)
justadivergentfangirl says2015-01-15T13:34:37.983
I think that both sides have their equal benefits, the environment at home is quieter and some students may prefer a more familiar ambience, while the school has many tools for when the students are stuck. Doing homework can take away your time from other hobbies, like art, sports, or music. They also cause students to stay up late and can have an unhealthy amount of sleep. However doing homework can give you extra practice.
dabombcool says2017-02-16T17:02:24.253
S.K says2017-12-14T21:52:50.503
Unbelievable....I've been out of school for six years. I had homework almost every night, and somehow I managed to get it done. But hey, take it as an important life lesson. As an adult, you're gonna have homework too.
guysyounoneedtoknowmyname says2018-01-10T06:12:19.173
Homework is great
guysyounoneedtoknowmyname says2018-01-10T06:12:45.873
I am a student and homework is my life
guysyounoneedtoknowmyname says2018-01-10T06:13:18.430

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