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Should children under 18 be banned from R-rated movies?

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  • Yes they should be able too

    Because if someone is giving some one the slop top in a movie people should learn it so they know how the give the best succ. Or when a girl is riding there mans real hard but is not using lube so now the dudes massive cock is burnt so learn how to smash propery

  • Yes they should be banned

    Because there 'will be' situations that will be to intense for young viewers under the age of 18 because in r rated films there's always some guy who horrifically murdered and that might scar the viewer so in conclusion viewers under the age of 18 should not see R rated film

  • Deadpool - need I say more????!!!!!!

    My son's 10 year old friends are being taken by their parents to see Deadpool just because it is a superhero movie. I have already caved on letting my 8 year old see PG-13 superhero movies because let's face it - KIDS ARE THE ONES WHO LOVE SUPERHEROS THE MOST and it feels wrong to tell your kid they can't watch their favorite superhero's latest movie. I am one of the most conservative parents I know in an upper class town and ALL the kids are watching these movies. ALL OF THEM. I have strictly drawn the line at rated R Deadpool - BUT MANY WON'T. Where will it stop? I am so disgusted. I used to like Ryan Reynolds but now I don't. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE A SUPERHERO MOVIE FOR KIDS? WHEN IS THE LAST TIME ANYONE SAW A 13 YEAR OLD, LET ALONE AN 18 YEAR OLD THAT LIKES SUPERHEROS AS MUCH AS AN 8 YEAR OLD??? Increased violence in our culture is inevitable until Hollywood starts making it easier to take our 7-12 year olds to age-appropriate movies that they actually WANT TO SEE!!!

  • Children should be banned from seeing R18 movies

    No matter what anyone says, Children (Not Teens) should be banned from seeing R18 films at Cinemas. What you and your child do at home is your business but don't expose your child to concepts they won't understand. Children get bored and when they get bored they become a distraction to other people in the theatre.

  • Unbelievable, no they should not!

    Let's be real. It's obviously not ok for kids to watch porn! But for some reason unknown to commen sense I have to sit next to some 8 year old with my wife while dead pool walks around in the strip club! Butt naked women walking around with half the theater full of kids 10 and under!!! As an adult I would prefer to watch grown up movies with grown ups. I know that sounds craaaazy! If a parent choses to watch these movies at home with there kids that is there right! But I wouldn't drag my kid to the bar and say "it's cool he's not drinking in here he's just watching. It's just a little perverted to me that you can't go to a strip club unless your 18-21 but you can sit in front of a video with your child that's showing women dancing in a strip club!!!! Let's really think about the maturity level of a child, now consider a young boy or girl watching this strip club movie trash you took them to, and think about how a boy now has a different perverted perspective on women and how the young girl now see's what women do to get attention! Again. Just to be clear. You wouldn't take your little boy to the strip club and you would never ever consider or want your little girl to be a stripper!!! So why the hell do you think it's ok to expose them to rated R porn!!!!

  • Children aren't old enough to watch R rated movies

    When younger kids watch a PG-13 movie, all they pick up are the bad words. When my younger cousin and I watched Jurassic World, there were a few bad words. When we got home, all my little cousin was talking about were the bad words. I am allowed to watch R rated movies if all it has is violence but little kids are off limits.

  • Children are not old enough to watch rated R movies.

    I don't want younger kids to get into violence by watching rated R movies. This will give them nightmares when they go to bed at nighttime. Children will feel scared because of physical violence, strong actions, weapons and language. I feel that rated R should be banned from younger kids.

  • Kids are not mature enough to watch rated R movies

    I believe that they will get exposed to things at to young of an age and will be influenced to act upon what they say done on the television. Lets say for example the kids who play games like call of duty and and grand theft auto, they will began to try to put the game to real life situations they even kill their parents when the parents try to take the game from them

  • I think that it's THEIR parents decision.

    It's their parents decision on wheather or not they should see a rated r movie. If they feel that there child is old enough to see a rated r movie, wheather it be rated r for comedy or horror, i still feel its their choice, but there is a limit.

  • Most Movies Really Don't Care

    Most R-rated movies aren't even that bad. It's usually just language and one shot of someone's butt. I've seen plenty of PG-13 movies that I would have put in the R-rated section and vice versa. For example It 2017 was only R-rated for language. That's it! I say that the age should be at least 16 because by then most 16 year olds have experienced what's in the movie.

  • Children have to be mature

    Most children need to be mature enough to watch these kinds of movies their age means nothing maturity is very important, because parents think their child is mature enough they decide to leave their unattended while watching which may or may not cause them to do the same thing they see happening on the television

  • Not if they're with an adult, which is the current policy.

    Children under 18 shouldn't be banned from seeing R-rated movies, many R-rated movies aren't that obscene or aren't extremely violent/graphic. There's no real need to ban children from seeing bad movies if they're with an adult, they shouldn't be so sheltered from the real world. Parents need to make these sort of choices, not the Government and movie theaters.

  • Deadpool is god

    Deadpool was a great movie that saved 2016 and everyone should watch babies kids adults old people should experience deadpool
    deadpool is god and a king and it was very lit and i cried in the end and i love deadpool and x dont give to yo motherfucker deadpool baby

  • Age doesn't matter

    Watching r rated movies is usually like villains and that type of stuff, it's not that bad. And kids need to be educated on this type of stuff like what to do and what not to do. Parents these days are getting more loose with their children watching movies because, its purely just education and entertainment. And think about it, their going to watch a movie with their friends at a sleepover.

  • It is Perfectly Healthy

    With today's rating system, kids can watch movies that in involve all sorts of violent events but the movies are not allowed to show the consequences. Sheltering children from the consequences of these actions. Not only is it healthy for kids to be some-what exposed but students under 18 more than likely here the profanity and witness such other events on a day to day bases. I believe it is important to trust the people with their own children's health and what they should and should not watch.

  • I mean why not

    I think that teenagers should defiantly be able to see rated- R movies because I think that we can handle certain things, 16 year olds, I think, should be allowed to watch it, I'm not sure about 15 and 14 year olds but defiantly 16 year olds. I think they can handle it.

  • No they shouldn't

    Kids, especially 15 and over, can handle most adult content, and restricting them is just sheltering them from reality, and this should not be done. Why should people not be raised with a sense of reality? It doesn't make any sense. Parents really have no clue about reality it seems.

  • Teens shouldn't be banned from R-Rated movies

    It's not like we're too immature to watch the movie. We know about sex and drugs and violent sh*t, why should we be banned from watching them? In this day and age where kids are already playing Call of Duty, why not let us watch R-rated movies anyway? This is stupid.

  • No they shouldn't,

    If I wanted to see an R rated movie I should be able to. If I have the money I shouldn't be refused because of my age. If I was going to see a rated R movie that my parents allowed me to go to without supervision that is all I need. I don't need to have and adult at all times, and I don't need a legislator or a third party to determine what I can, and can't hear, or see. It's a level of comprehension not age. It isn't your responsibility to tell me what I can, and can't watch in my own home, or my comprehension of the world. As my opponent says if a child wants to see or hear something they will find a way to do it. By banning children they will a) find a way. And b) when they are banned they don't get to enter if they are allowed by their parents because they are banned. You aren't my parent or guardian thus you have no right over my life, or to enslave me to your personal beliefs

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