Should Children under the age of 18 be allowed in a Romantic Relationship?

Asked by: ChrisDC
  • I don't think being in a romantic relaitionship is something only for adults.

    Do we suddenly be fully aware of what love means when we turn 18? No obviously. Everyone understands love and in my opinion it is more romantic to love someone else in his/her teenage years because this kind of love doesn't have add-ons. It is purely due to sheer appreciation of someone. Isn't this experinces amazing?

  • This is dependent.

    It depends on what they do and how they do it. I have seen plenty of 13-year-old girls trying to act older than they are and either end of regretting it. . . Or making a huge mistake. We have use of the internet, And this makes it easy for people (such as pedophiles) get a hold of these kids with a catfish account.

  • I don't see why not.

    Many children are going to try the whole dating experience. It's something that cannot be stopped. I know that most underage relationships won't work out but what the relationships that do work out. Should we stop them just because they are underage? If the relationship doesn't work out, Then they would learn about what they want in their future relationships.

  • Dependent Upon Guardian

    I do not feel that we should embrace Utopian freedom of choice from birth. I also do not feel that a one-size-fits-all answer should go unchallenged(call me liberated)! The children at this age are incapable of fully comprehending their own actions at the average adult level. Should they be disallowed failure? No. They also should not be led to foolish pursuits. This is not a resounding yes argument!

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