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  • Yes, displaying a polar bear in a shopping mall is degrading.

    Yes China should release Pizza the polar bear. To cage a wild animal and put it on display as if it were a mannequin in the middle of a crowded shopping mall is degrading to both the animal and to society at large. While it may be justifiable to use the image of a polar bear to sell soda or to show a stuffed likeness of one in a museum, to take a living, breathing creature accustomed to roaming wherever it will in the vast arctic tundra and imprison it for the mild amusement of shoppers is to pervert the majesty and magnificence of the animal kingdom. It is understandable for the proprietors of the shopping mall in China where Pizza is currently being displayed to want to be unique and attract visitors by using unconventional methods, but the use of a live wild animal is degrading to the animal and to the people who are supposed to be entertained by such a spectacle.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Humane Society International and its Chinese partner group VShine released disturbing video footage showing the polar bear exhibiting worrying stereotypical behaviors such as head swaying and repetitive pacing, evidence of frustration and mental decline. HSI’s Peter Li worries that Pizza may now be too visibly sick and distressed for public view, and that this is behind the mall’s decision to move him.

  • China should release Pizza the polar bear into a natural habitat.

    Yes, China should release Pizza from the mall permanently and allow him to live in a natural habitat where his health and emotional well-being can thrive. Having been raised in captivity, it may not be reasonable to release him into the wild as he may not be able to fend for himself there. However, he needs to be outdoors and have room to roam around and be with other polar bears. As he is called the world's saddest polar bear, that is reason enough to end his suffering.

  • Yes, Pizza the polar bear should be moved.

    Pizza the polar bear should be moved. It is not human when humans take and animal out of their original habitat and put it on show for everyone to see. Animals were not made to sit in cages and be looked at all day. Animals need to be in their original habitat out in the wild.

  • The enclosure that Pizza is being held in is inhumane

    The enclosure is too small, to warm, and far too annoying to the poor polar bear. The poor bear is constantly being auditorially assaulted just so that people can have selfies. The bear has no natural air or light and an animal of this size needs far more than 120 square meters to live in.

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