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  • Just keep chocolate milk!!!!!!!!

    People just say chocolate milk is high is sugar and fat, but the truth is, chocolate milk is perfectly fine!!
    My reasons:
    1. Kids are attached to chocolate milk, if we take it away they won't get the nutrients chocolate milk contains.
    2. Kids prefer chocolate milk.
    3. It still has all the essential nutrients like, potassium , calcium, vitamin A,D, and has B12.
    4. It tastes great! I love the taste of cool chocolate milk hitting my tongue after I come in from recess

    Thos, keep it! Back off haters! Your just gonna hate hate hate!
    Keep chocolate milk in school! :3

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

    I think they should allow chocolate milk because it tastes good and is good for you. Everyone likes chocolate milk, people have liked it for a long time so I think you should keep chocolate milk. So I think people should allow chocolate milk at schools! So I say Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • It has too much sugar which is causing health issues and more unhealthy issues in a kids diet! Kids are even gaining weight from it!

    Kids are consuming 10 to 15 cartons of chocolate milk a day! Jamie Oliver a food lover and experts states/says there is way too much sugar in the chocolate milk schools are serving. He used a school bus and sand to show it! The school bus overflowed with "sugar." (sand)

  • The served white milk tastes like crap.

    From what I remember from when I was dared to drink the white milk, I tasted like liquefied moldy paper. Yes, Kids at my school dared each other to taste it. There was only one kid in the entire school who liked it. Milk isn't actually very healthy anyway, and chocolate milk isn't much worse.

  • Chocolate milk is Aweful

    Chocolate milk is bad for you. It makes people have obesity and it makes Americans fat. It shouldn't be served. It gives a lot of sugar and way more sodium, and calories that the regular white milk. The western dairy association is just trying to get more money by telling you it is healthy even though it is not.

  • Too much sugar

    Our school serves chocolate milk, strawberry milk and white milk. Of course a child is not going to pick white milk. My child is consuming added sugar and sodium now that she is in school and taking school lunch some days. Very disappointed in the current state of school lunches.

  • Chocolate milk should stay in school!

    YES! Chocolate milk is good for you and it has just a bit of added sugar.
    IT includes many vitamins that are in plain white milk. It is really tasty. Most kids can only drink chocolate milk at school. Milk is a really good source of calcium too. YAY MILK!

  • Yes yes please

    Chocolate milk give important nutritious including protein, vitamin A and D and calcium. Chocolate milk has 27 grams total carbohydrates . Chocolate milk can be healthy.Chocolate milk has the same 9 essential nutrients as white milk!! SO PLEASE KEEP CHOCOLATE MILK KIDS ARE GETTING THE NUTRIENTS THEY NEED!! So BOOM

  • Chocolate Milk = GOOD!

    I think chocolate milk is good because it has nine essential nutrients,
    is actually healthier than awesome drink named apple juice, and is just plain old awesome! The kids at school also love it, and you only consume 3 more grams of sugar than you do in regular white milk!

  • Chocolate milk should be served in schools!

    Most kids will only have MILK if it is flavored and since MILK has many nutrients a kid needs they should just have it with that little added sugar! We can keep CHOCOLATE milk in schools but just reduce the amount of sugar added in it. Studies show that flavored milk drinkers are not heavier and do not consume more sugar or calories than non milk drinkers! Keep CHOCOLATE milk in schools!!!

  • #UnwantedChocolateMilk #TooMuchSugar #WeightGain

    In school a child goes into the room where you get your food and instantly chooses chocolate milk. The smart ones will pick white milk. The children that are choosing chocolate milk are eating more than 5 grams of sugar. Thats bad and super unhealthy. Why people say that its nutritious and all is dumb. I read a article about chocolate milk being good for you, the title "Nutrition in disguise" WHAT!! How dumb is that. I mean come on. If you think that chocolate milk is nutritious in every way YOUR WRONG!!!!

    There are 30 grams of sugar in a small carton of chocolate milk that a child drinks at school. You don't see lunch ladies selling coke to children at school but there is 20% more sugar in Chocolate milk than there is in coke, they may as well give that away. A researcher named Tom Llamas states "Drinking chocolate milk for 5 days every week is the same as drinking 180 cans of soda" Thats crazy!!!! Who would drink that. Thats just unhealthy and shouldn't be drank. Another researcher, Oliver wanted to show parents in Colorado how much sugar a child was drinking for a week and poured 57 tons of sugar into a school bus. Thats nuts

    Another reason that there shouldn't be any chocolate milk in schools is cuz of the weight gain. Research shows that a child will gain 3 lbs every month if they choose chocolate milk over white milk. Gaining more weight is just not good at all. Its actually became a problem in the U.S through out the years. So chocolate milk isn't going to help this situation at all. In 1 8 oz serving of chocolate milk there is 8 grams of fat and 5 grams of satured fat. Thats nuts

    So why would you drink something that could make you gain weight. I don't know anyone that wants to gain weight (unless they are TOO skinny) I know i don't. There is way too much sugar which is really unhealthy and could cause diabetes. No one wants diabetes.
    Chocolate Milk is unhealthy and not good for anyone, espically children and thats final...Period

  • Thx Gamergirl123 for your help!

    Chocolate milk has over 30 grams of sugar! That's more than a soda pop! If you drink 10-15 cartons every week, your literally getting 2 gallons of extra sugar than needed! If you drink CM you can get heart diseases and it can lead to obesity, listen to Gamergirl123 she has the facts.BTW we're in the same class

  • Get rid of it!

    Flavored milk has more sugar than a whole grain chocolate chip cookie, and the same amount as an equivalent serving of cola, It also has more calories, fat and sodium. Sugar-sweetened beverages are linked to obesity and chronic disease. One month‘s worth of milk is enough to fill a bathtub, let alone your stomach. It should be banned.

  • It has to much sugar.

    It has 22 grams of sugar. Also if we have 22 grams of sugar in our chocolate milk and we are only suppose to have 37.5 grams at the most per day of sugar. That is more then half of the sugar we should have a day. And most things we eat has lots of sugar in it. So NO CHOCOLATE MILK AT SCHOOL!

  • I think NO

    On the topic of removing chocolate milk from school I believe that is a good idea. I believe that it is a good idea because it has lots more sugar white milk, it possibly can lead to obesity if consumed in large quantities, and kids would not be so “dependent” on chocolate milk if it was offered once a week.

    My first and foremost the reason is the sugar content. The amount of sugar and chocolate milk is much higher than regular milk; even in low-fat or skim milk. The reason why the large most sugar is concerning is because of the microbe named candida. Candida is a natural microbe of the digestive system, and is harmless in small amounts. The way you candida ties in with chocolate milk is once again, sugar. Candida's "favorite food" is sugar. When we consume too much sugar candida grows and multiplies, and then eventually if you consume enough sugar will eventually outnumber the good microbes in the digestive system.

    My secondary reason is that over consumption of chocolate milk leads to more sugar consumption which in turn can lead to obesity. The level of obesity in the U.S is rising and chocolate milk could be a factor that is causing that.

  • Chocolate Milk should not be allowed in schools.

    Chocolate Milk should not be allowed in schools because it has 57 grams of sugar and is very high in fat. This causes children to gain weight. This is bad for kids because its not healthy for kids and because it makes them gain weight. Normal milk is also high in fat. Both of these types of milk shouldn't be allowed. Kids who drink it can gain 50 pounds in 10 years just from chocolate milk!

  • Realy you dont know

    Too much sugar i am a student at school and 3/4 of the kids drink the abomination of milk plus they weigh like 120 lbs at 8 years old plus for all 5 years in elementary school that is eating an intire wheel barrow filled to the brim with sugar. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzz.

  • Homogenized milk fat.

    There's not much I can say about chocolate milk containing too much sugar that hasn't been said already. I think milk -- or any food for that matter -- shouldn't be served in schools at all; parents and/or students should take time to pack healthy lunches at home. Most school cafeteria food is unhealthy, artificial, preservative laden crap anyway.

    Store bought white milk is not very healthy either (unless you buy skim milk) because of the homogenized milk fat. Raw milk is better for you because of the raw milk fat. Though it is more expensive and harder to find, I strongly suggest you drink it if you can find it and afford it. You can get it from organic farms and some health food stores depending on where you live. Milk fat is a very healthy fat that only occurs naturally in grass-fed free range cows.

    Again, if you can't find and/or you can't afford raw milk, you drink fat free skim milk and eat other fat free dairy products so you still get the dietary calcium without the homogenized fat. I work a good enough job that I can afford to send my three children to school with raw milk and healthy lunches made from organic food. I don't allow them to eat anything from the cafeteria.

  • Chocolate milk= discusting

    I do not like chocolate milk. I can not believe people think it is good for you. It has so much sugar and it is gross. Even though kids like chocolate milk better than white milk, they should still drink white milk because it is better for you. What I am trying to say is DON’T DRINK CHOCOLATE MILK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chocolate Milk Should Be Banned!

    Some schools around the country have decided to ban chocolate milk. I believe that this is the best choice for school lunch programs and children. Chocolate milk contains too much sugar and can lead to childhood obesity. Some say that banning chocolate milk from school cafeterias is the only way to make kids drink regular milk.

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Chocolate milk is better than yo mamma
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