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Good and Evil or Purpose and Nonpurpose

  Columbus Day focuses on the beginning of the Age of Exploration which shaped History as we know it. Whether or not Columbus was good or bad doesn't change the his action of bridging the gap between the New World and the Old. Without Columbus, modern institutions as they are wouldn't exist and Western Civilization would have taken a different turn.
Veehistory49 says2014-01-26T17:59:23.870
I would rather have modern institutions not exist the way they are now. Just a new way to Mask the injustices and discriminations.
So, lets just make a holiday celebration and call it: "Age of Exploration".
Venerandum says2014-10-17T16:08:59.997
"Without Columbus, modern institutions as they are wouldn't exist"

CalebK says2014-10-28T19:04:46.600
Yakubu Gowon (1.1 million deaths), Mengistu Haile Mariam (400,000 – 1.5 million deaths), Kim Il Sung (1.6 million deaths), Pol Pot (1.7 million deaths), Ismail Enver Pasha (2.5 million deaths), Hideki Tojo (5 million deaths), Leopold II of Belgium (2-15 million deaths), Adolf Hitler (17 million deaths), Jozef Stalin (23 million deaths), Mao Zedong (49-78 million deaths), CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, led the way for other conquistadors in brutality and greed for the riches of the America's, his actions led to the genocide of millions of people just like the dictators on this list; however you might be shocked on the death count that he accumulated from this first voyage of 92 that Columbus sailed the ocean blue…(80-100 million deaths) So Christopher Columbus actually takes the cake as the greatest leader of genocide for all recorded history, a death count that grossly surpasses that of Adolf Hitler. If you really still think he deserves a holiday then there is absolutely no hope left for the human race in its willingness to accept such brutality as a justification of celebration, remember your country was born in blood, this should not be celebrated it should be mourned.
rubygreco says2015-03-09T13:18:40.577
Well, Europeans would have eventually found America with or without Columbus. Just not as soon. Also, Columbus wasn't trying to find the Americas. He was actually trying to reach India and Asia but he clearly failed miserably. So, his "miraculous" discovery was just a lucky accident. That doesn't make him worthy to be celebrated....At least in my opinion.
dotplogger says2015-10-11T11:07:44.123
Well put Good and Evil purpose.
NothingPersonal says2016-06-05T03:24:44.330
@CalebK What Columbus did was not genocide. Genocide is defined as "The deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation". Those casualties you mention were for the most part, done by diseases Natives peoples had no immunity for due to their long isolation. By you're logic, the greatest genocide in recorded history, would have been on the shoulders of Mongol merchants, who indirectly caused the spread of the Black Death due to rats on their ships. Besides this, Columbus stated he wished to make the natives 'servants' (we all know he meant slaves) and you cannot enslave corpses. As for the enormous statistic you impose -80 to 100 million deaths- I'm pretty sure that actual figures of the amount of people living in North America are controversial. I think it'd be a small population, as Natives had little effect on their environment partly due to number. I'm using 'The American Pageant' as reference I could be wrong, page 6 if you want to see.
HIIIidwdwwasd says2019-10-15T00:22:26.927
Sayal Was Here
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