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Should criminal juveniles (ages 18 and under) be arrested?

Asked by: Kurumi
  • Crimes are crimes

    The notion that kids should be pardoned because of their age seems ridiculous to me. A 16-year old who raped someone should be tried the same as an adult who committed the same crime. Also, teens might use the fact that "they're just kids" to wiggle out of criminal accusations.

  • Personal Experience (YES)

    I have done things that broke the law at ages 11-14, im currently 16 and i changed. Juvenile is a teen prison that you dont want to head. I had to do lots of things to get respect in there. Anyways, No matter what age a child is, they need to learn from their mistakes, we dont need mischief anymore in this world. Now a days, kids are breaking the law, using guns against people, and doing other crime stuff. Didnt we ask for peace in this world? Isnt that what we want? We even faught for peace ! All i see is people complaining about the law. ARREST THEM!

  • Crine is a crime but theyre still kids.

    Yes. Arrest them. But we have teo justice systems for a reason. Juveniles are juveniles. Not adults. Arrest them but as a juvenile not an adult. People under eighteen should never be trued as an afult or sent to adult prison. Ever. You cant make a rule and tgen say "yeah well this crime made us more angry."

  • Criminals are criminals

    Regardless of age, criminals need to be arrested. And they should be trial according to the seriousness of the crime. They shouldn't be pardon just because of their age. Teach them responsibility and consequences early on and maybe, just maybe, they will grow up to be a responsible adult who adds value to the world.

  • Children need a scare

    Kid criminals...Kids,18 and under,are people who do stupid things. If the authority doesn't deal with criminalization,the parents might not. IF they don't get the right consiquenceses at a young age. They will grow up and be In jail with no job,ect... They need to know that that's not where they want to be at a young age. They need a scaring. Now authorities need to know limits. No deaths,no brutality. They are kids and don't deserve to die because an undeveloped brain that is delusional. Kids need disaplin because if they are criminalizing then obviously the parents aren't doing thier job as an authority to their child. I am a 14 year old girl and even I agree with this. This generation is wrecked and I'm trying to help stop it. Kids need to be civil and behaved. But as I see,adults act the same...Their brain is supposedly "fully developed" adult brain yet they act as a child. Just know about examples set. Adults who are immature never learned. And this is why we need authorities to arrest for a wake up call

  • Kids are kids they will make mistakes

    Sending juveniles to jail could cause irreversible effects on an individual. It could impact their lives mentally and physically, and could determine how others view them in the future. According to The Odyssey research has shown that depression and anxiety are a cause of being incarcerated. The anxiety and fear is created by the inability to build and to have relationships with others. Also, incarcerated juveniles are 30 percent less likely complete high school. Dropping out of school is a normal behavior because because in juvenile detention centers education is not a priority. The main priority is too discipline and to make sure the don't commit a crime again.

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