• This should happen

    Teens aged 16-19 are 3 times more likely to get in a motorized crash so it should be raised to 21 so there will be less fatalities in car crashes and teens are less experienced than adults and some teens are not only killed but injured aswell Lets save the country!

  • Crashes and illegal racing

    First of all, crashes are pretty bad. It mostly happens because of young, drunk people. Illegal racing is pretty common for 18 year olds and people can die participating in it. I think that the driver's age should be a minimum of 20. That concludes my argument. Now who's with me!?!

  • No way bro

    That would be the biggest bummer out, you get to 16 get your l's, you are soooooo excited. You have been looking forward to it and then a new law comes out saying that you gotta wait another 2 years or so, i would be sooooo mad. Any way if anything i say the driving age should be lower, (so i could start driving earlier)

  • No, it should not.

    Many of the fatal accidents happen with drunks and elderly, as said above. You will almost never hear about a teen driving the wrong way on a road. That is always drunk drivers and old people that can't think straight. Most teen accidents occur with texting, but twenty-year-old people have accidents like that all the time. Many kids wait till the very day that they can drive legally, and it seems like forever until that day comes.

  • Not at all

    Most of the fatal crashes happen because of drunk twenty somethings and older people who have impaired vision. How some people drive to school is their only method of transportation. It should not be raised. I feel that it should not. This is just my opinion. That is all I will say.

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