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  • Everything is given a PG rating except baby movies

    We should be able to watch new movies. 8 top box office G rated movies in the past 5 years means that nothing with new content can be shown in school.

    Have you ever seen Fantasia (rated G) that movie is terrifying and teaches evolution (unintentionally), but newer PG movie SING is a cute movie about making big dreams happen. Questionable content-yeah the mouse is a bully (great conversation piece) and the Gorillas are planning a heist, but better than Fantasia. Music teachers rarely allow substitutes to teach the music class, so we need a movie or game for the students to play. You find a G rated musical movie that the kids will sit through and they haven't seen a million times!

  • Maybe 3rd Grade +

    It's so annoying! My school is K-5, so 5th grade gets treated like babies! We have to watch G rated movies only, even though all of us can watch PG and some even PG-13. Maybe there should be a permission slip. The hard part is the only good G movies are Disney...☹️

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  • Pg movies should be able to watch in school

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  • Most kids 3rd grade and above start to watch mostly pg movies.

    Kids 3rd grade and above should be able to watch pg movies n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n

  • They should be aloud.

    There are many movies that don't need that high of a rating if you look at the theaters you see parents taking there young children to these types of movies. Schools could just simply send out a permission slip asking to allow them to shoe PG- rated movies if the parents allow this then schools would or should be aloud.

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  • Yes I think they should be able

    Pg movies are good for a lot of kids, pg movies should be available to 4th graders and above sometimes if kids are in bad moods a good pg movie could brighten there day its a good theory that people say yes schools should enable the use of pg movies to 4th graders and above

  • Its okay to watch PG movies in school.

    Kids are able to handle PG movies starting from 3rd grade. The school can give out a permission slip to go home with kids and if most parents(like me) say yes then the school should allow kids to watch PG movies. For an example Frozen the movie. Kids loved frozen and still it was PG. Movies in Star Wars 4th 3rd and 5th graders love it so it is okay .

  • A teacher isn't the child's parent

    They don't have the authority or necessary knowledge about the student to make the decision. I'd be fine with something like Frozen but not goosebumps (also pg) that they showed my nightmare-prone child because "the class voted. " I have cousins that don't watch anything with magic because of religious beliefs, So no frozen for their kids. My sister in law lets her kid watch horror movies since he was 3. Different kids get different guidelines & a blanket permission slip doesn't cover it. If at the beginning of the year they gave a list that's "hey we might watch these titles. Check off what you are fine with your child watching. " Then only view what the whole class has overlapping on substitute days/ days when older kids have testing & they are trying to keep little ones quite. I don't think movies should be used at other times unless they tie in with the lesson plan.

  • Teachers can teach instead

    School is for being educated, and movies, outside of nature films, rarely do that. I do not want the teacher to be the moral compass for my children.

    If it is going to happen, permission should be required and for those who opt out, another activity should be made available.

  • "Parents" are the P in PG.

    A teacher is not a parent 😡😡😡 only a trustworthy adult knows how their child will react to such a movie. Also, kids could be doing schoolwork instead of watching a brain-rotting film. Letting your kids stay at home is better than going to school, only to not even do work.

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  • PG means Parental Guidance

    PG means some material may not be suitable for children. Parents are urged to give "parental guidance". The movie may contain some material parents might not like for their young children. How is a parent supposed to give "parental guidance" when it is shown at school? Can a teacher really provided that needed one on one processing of difficult subject matter with 20 kids? Leave PG to parents. Find something G if you really need to waste my children's school time with a movie.

  • It isn't necessary.

    PG movies are rarely ever anything not suitable for elementary school kids. But why take the risk? There are plenty of movies rated G that can be played in elementary schools. Some kids are more sensitive to situations than others. There is no need to take the chance and having one kid be upset over a PG movie, and cause a problem for the schools. Keep it G.

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