• Hockey NEEDS the fighting

    Hockey is a fun sport to watch and I think you can agree. Although without the fighting I don't think it would be very entertaining to watch anymore. If kids would like to do hockey when they grow up because of the fighting they should not take the fighting away.

  • Hockey NEEDS fighting

    Fighting needs to remain in hockey. As long time fan of the sport, I have definitely seen a decrease in the amount of fighting in the sport. I have, however, seen much more foul play in the form of illegal hits, slashes, and spears. More than often, a referee will miss the incident and thus miss the call. Players are finding more subtle ways to get away with this. What fighting does is allows the players to police themselves when the referees fail to do the job. The sport will only become more violent and brutal if fighting were completely abolished from the sport.

  • Too much Violence.

    Fighting should not be allowed in hockey. It leads to mental problems, concussions, or even death! The people that fight are more likely to fight in a real life situation and be more physical. It also sets a bad example for kids. This is why fighting should be allowed in hockey.

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