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Should Ford recall vehicles because owners are shutting off their vehicles by mistake?

  • Yes, accidently shutting off vehicles while drives cause extremely dangerous situations

    Yes, Ford should recall the cars because of the extremely dangerous situations that are caused by accidentally shutting down a vehicle while driving. Ford is trying out new technology inside their cars by removing the traditional gear box, instead gears are shifted through buttons on the dashboard. Ford has also placed this start-stop button for the vehicle close to the power button for the radio. By placing the gear buttons as well as the radio power button so close to the vehicle power button, Ford has inadvertently caused a dangerous situation where drivers are pressing the wrong button while driving. A vehicle that shuts down in the middle of the highway faces significant risks of crashing into other oncoming vehicles, while also exposing its passengers to situations where air bags will not deploy due to the vehicle being turned off. Ford must recall its vehicles to address this dangerous situation.

  • Drivers are constantly distracted. An uninentional engine shut-off should not be another.

    Drivers are unintentionally shutting their vehicles off, during use, while attempting to adjust radio, phone, or navigation settings. The power button, as part of the touch-screen interface, is located adjacent to the ignition on/off button. If the driver is maintaining visual contact with the traffic ahead, accidental shut-offs may occur.

  • One does not recall an android phone if there is a sofware glitch

    It depends on the type of problem which the user is facing. The user must be advised not to use that particular feature of the car. If it can't be avoided then, ford should make sure that it provides a software update as soon as possible. Until then it can reimburse a fixed amount since, after all the user is being denied of promised services.

  • Ford is not responsible for damage caused by owners.

    Unless the cars are inherently unsafe, Ford does not need to recall them. The cars have some confusing features that lead to owners shutting them off accidentally. This is not good design on Ford's part, since people will be less likely to buy their cars now. Ford does still have a right to sell these cars, if they choose.

  • Ford should not recall vehicles

    No, I disagree that Ford should recall vehicles because owners are shutting off their vehicles by mistake. This mistake is not due to a manufacturing fault or error. Rather, this mistake is due to the negligence of the driver of the vehicle. Therefore, Ford should not be held accountable for this error and should not recall the vehicles in question.

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