• Definitely, Without a doubt!

    Fortnite should be controlled, If not totally banned. This game is too addictive for our children (like the others say). Once kids start playing, They won't stop. They play for 3-4 hours, Some more than 5 hours a day. Every time children get hold of their tablets/Ipads or turning on their laptops/computers, Their school grades fall rapidly. And not only that, Looking at computer/tablet screens for far too long can cause permanent eye damage.

    We, As adults and as parents, Should be better than this!

  • Fortnight should be banned from the internet

    Prince Harry says video game Fortnight is 'irresponsible' and should be banned. . . . Prince Harry added that he thinks Fortnight is too addictive, Especially for young players. “It's created to addict, An addiction to keep you in front of a computer for as long as possible, ” the prince said Thursday. “It's so irresponsible. ”

  • It makes a lot of people happy and it carries peoples families because that is their job

    We play Fortnite: Battle Royale every day - and so do celebrities like Drake, Finn Wolfhard, Chance the Rapper and loads more. But that's partly why we think it should be banned - and not just because Prince Harry has come out against everyone's favourite llama-looting game! Thanks to beano. Com for this. (NO PLAGAIRISM)

  • Hell no assheads!

    Fortnite is bomb, Bitches! F***ing shot gun to the head, Boom, Your dead asshole! Chest found, SMG BITCH! It's kinda like COD, Sept its more cartoony. I really like. LEAVE IT BE FUCKERS!
    f**k you f**k you f**k you f**k you ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS DAMN YOU ASSHEAD FUCKHATS ASS ASS ASS ASS f**k you ASS HEADS f**k YOU!

  • Fortnight is fun

    Because fortnight is a good game and I like it its fun and I love fortnight
    and it should not be banned it has creative mode and you can play with your friends. You can make your own map with your friends and you can enjoy the death run in fortnight

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