Should Fortnite be banned form the world? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! Jy mnj jny jny

  • Yes it is brain rotting

    This game never should have been created it makes kids stupid it mind rots and i think it is causing kids to be more violent and hurt others like a of the the other schools shootings that were caused by teens I bet it all happened because there brains are rotted and influenced

  • Its Bad influence

    Fortnight is a great game concept but because it's a free game the makers have to make money another way so the sell cosmetics that just change the look of the game and that's not bad what's bad it that they make their players (mostly kids) feel like their cool if they have these things so in order to feel cool kids will beg their parents to buy them what they want and If the parents say no the kids proceed to steal their parents credit cards and buy it any ways if the parents do buy it the kids feel a sense of entitlement and that their better than others because their parents get them whatever they want

  • Its soo bad

    So many kids on the game and no one likes it like bruh. F f f fr gr g eg gh er er h tr hg tr eh t h e h eh e ht h r hr er h h he r hr erh h erh her her h

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