• Gay people are equally skilled at tying knots and they have the right to

    Yes, Gay people can and should be able to tie knots. It only makes sense since they wouldn't be able to tie their own shoes. Sexual orientation has little to no correlation with tying stuff. This is possibly one of the most absolutely positively retarded questions I have ever had the misfortune to experience. I was not put on this Earth to do this.

  • It is just a basic knot

    The overhand knot is one of the most basic knots and most useful knots. If you limit a gay rock climber to not tie the knot, He'd be in danger, And we don't want that. We want every person in survival, And if gay people are not allowed to tie this it not only may harm his own life, But others seeing this know is also used in rescue work, And gay people can be rescuers just like hetero people.

  • I feel they should!

    While a Bible may state 'It's NoT AlLoWeD', It should be allowed! Hatred against people for loving someone else is not a religion - it's another version of the KKK. Love should be allowed to prevail no matter the gender, That's why I say YES, Gay and lesbiens should be allowed to be married. Like a man and a woman can.

  • Gays cannot tie knots properly

    It has been shown from research that gay people do not know how to tie knots. If a gay person is responsible for tying knots in rock climbing, They might mess up and get someone injured or killed. Gays are genetically less intelligent at knot-tying than straight people are, And this could be a hazard to our safety.

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