• It is legal in places

    All work can be counted as art and in some places graffiti is actually legal and even in places in the UK you can even do graffiti in certain places around the country to attract the citizens eyes and pull them closer to art. This can even get more people out of trouble and drawing to practice to then bring them closer to each other and people in the environment.

  • EYESORE and unwanted

    Maybe 1 in ever 50 graffiti is talented but the rest suck. I mean look at the tiger few graffiti artist can make something like that. The rest just write letters. Their art is no better than a child's chalk drawing. And I can actually wash off chalk with water.
    They are creating eyesores that no one asked for. And then the trend I hate the most are those stickers that are hard to remove and just has chicken scratches on them.
    Are they so retarded that they can't learn basic calligraphy to even write their name? Could they take a basic art class a learn to actually make art? All they are good for are flipping burgers and picking up trash. They call themselves freelance street artists but I call them trash one tier below the trashy hipsters that make "modern art".
    I have one gallon of pee now pay me 1 million dollars for it"
    "I have art on your wooden table with a knife. "

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