Should gun manufacturers have to pay the cost of gun violence?

  • The gun manufacturers should have reparations for Jewish victims of hate crime.

    We have Holocaust reparations why not reparations for gun crimes? People need to start paying their fair share. Most of the companies that want gun control have Jewish CEOs or partnerships with companies with Jewish CEOs. They have the most stake in this gun debate. Guns come at a cost. If you don't pay it's like another Holocaust waiting to happen.

  • I don't support guns being legal.

    If you look at the facts, Every country that has banned guns has much lower rates of gun violence than the United States. Even countries with large land mass and population, Such as Australia. A lot of our gun violence stems from gang violence, So simply banning guns won't end gang violence. However, I definitely think it's a positive step in the right direction, Just not an end-all. Yes, People can still buy guns on the dark web if they want to shoot somebody, But wouldn't it make sense to at least make it difficult for that to happen? Why should we enable violent people by making it legal for an 18 year old child to buy a gun? Shouldn't we, At the very least, Try to stop this from happening? Yes, Plenty and most people who own guns in the United States are not violent people, And have no current or future plans to shoot up their schools or a rival gang member. However, Sacrificing that gun you have locked up in your safe you never use for the purpose of following a law that you know will prevent further shootings is the right thing to do. Anyways, I'm rambling. No, The gun manufacturers should not have to pay for following the law. The law is as stated, It's legal to buy, Sell, And own guns in the United States. The only people who should pay are the government officials who maybe took bribes from these gun companies to pass/upkeep laws that are pro-gun. The only people who messed up here are our government officials.

  • No they shouldn't

    If we use that same logic for everything else, It wouldn't make sense. For example, Should car companies pay a compensation fee, When people get into crashes(their own fault, Not do to malfunction of the actual car). Should knife companies pay compensation for people who die from stabbings? More people die in the U. S. From obesity problems, Should food companies pay for all the deaths and health problems? I think not. Therefore, Gun manufacturers shouldn't have to pay the cost of gun violence. Also cops use guns, The statistics for gun violence includes cops shooting suspects who have guns or attempted to kill them

  • I Think Not

    No, Absolutely not, The gun manufacturers only create the guns, And do not instill the fact they are to be used for civil disorder, Many are for sport, And many for self defense. Why should they pay for someone elses thinking? They shouldnt, Are only supplying a demand to a legitimate business.

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