• Sheer tight fitting tights allow for freedom of movement

    Wearing tight tights allows for movement and ease of running with no restrictions. It can also be good for cold and hot weather. In the cold weather you can just run without pants. I mean what did guys do before tights were invented. ( women for that matter as well). Tights are great for keeping the sun off, You can wear tight shorts as well. Some guys who do wear tights prefer wearing shorts over the top. As you can see in my photo I am limbering up and getting my blood flowing before a good run through the park. Ok I do get alot of stares and cheers whoops and whistles from mainly young girls jogging past. I get favourable comments and stares alot of oggling and gaping mouths with wide open beady eyes wondering if they in sheer disbelief at what is cumming towards them. I smile and run past. My point I want to make is so many debates on mens sites about tights or not and covering and it gets a bit boring. So I say just let it all out and unravel and it will be your path on which to travel. Go for it. Women love looking at us guys as much as we love looking at them. How many times have we seen a great butt in stretched nylon and see the thong and been behind a great behind it charges us up. So guys be daring and let it be seen. You will be suprised by the reactions. Giggles and whispers and comments.

  • Your Stupid If you say no

    I was disowned today. My Tight throwing motion got me owned. I like history. If you vote yes. I will help you for history. I know Mike will get it done. If you like me vote yes. If not vote no. Daddy, Please come home. Mommy really misses you. Please come home daddy

  • Guys should not wear tights because

    They are a trend that girls wear yoga pants. Unless you are a guy turned girl (which isn't right), You should not wear tights. People need to recognize what is trendy for their natural-born gender and respect that. Plus, Guys don't look good in tights and most women would not appreciate the man they love wearing tights unless they are lesbian or gay.

  • No, They will not look as good as girls

    Because their stuff will show and they have shorts as there underwear so that will make their underwear all rolled up so that would be uncomfortable. Also if they were to go out then everybody would be uncomfortable eating or watch a movie but if they want to wear them I'm not going to stop them.

  • It isn't pleasant

    I don't want to see some guy in tights because it is something I rather not throw up over, If you are gay, Its fine with me as long as you don't force it onto others, When people tell everyone they are gay like 30 times it gets very annoying.

  • It is kinda homo.

    I don't really want to see some big brolic blacks dudes long schlong hanging out like fruit in the grocery store. It is gross and very unwanted to be seen by straight men such as myself. If you want attention use the gay voice that's commonly known throughout gays, And don't force it.

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