• Boys aren’t the best at keeping to themselves.

    Boys and girls should be separate in gym class because boys can be over-competitive and cause the girls to just cause drama because they’re bored due to all the fun being “hogged’. I think it would be better and more productive if boys and girls are separated in gym classes.

  • Its Gym its not a sports class

    If it was a men's sport then yes you would need separate classes but this is gym.
    You run, You do jumping jacks and you do cardio. And they even taught me dancing in gym class.
    There is no contact at all except for dancing.
    Besides its better that boys learn how to be around girls soon. Because look at those all boy catholic school. Those all catholic boys come out weird and so do catholic girls.
    COED all the way, Except in restrooms.

  • This isn't health class

    I noticed another said due to the boys being more competitive it raises trouble, But in a lot of cases, A girl would rather be competitive. As well as what African Americans mentioned in their right movements separation doesn't equal equality and the separation will only force girls to be expected to sit on the sidelines and the boys need to be competetive.

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