Should health insurance companies be abolished, As to make Government Healthcare unnecessary?

  • No Healthcare For Any Reason For Any Person, Barring Injury

    I favor Nietzsche, To the point of throwing the weak into holes, Covering them over, And building some supermarkets.

    Only the strong should survive. Now, Either tongue kiss Darwin ALL THE WAY, Or go the-Hell to church!

    NO HELP NO ONE, Unless broken limb or such. Otherwise? "Sahhrry 'bout dat! "

  • Abolishing health insurance companies would make Big Pharma subject to capitalism.

    Big Pharma can jack prices on medicine BECAUSE insurance companies can afford it, And said effect is worse when it’s the government paying for the medicine. Simple solution; cut out the middleman. Suddenly, These pharmaceutical companies have to price their goods closer to the price of manufacturing, Or they die from a lack of business. Capitalism wins again!

  • That is not how it works

    There needs to be regulation on the drug companies and the health insurance groups.
    Getting rid of insurgence will mean that when you break a leg you must pay 1200 on the spot. Insures is the reason why pay lower.
    That is like getting rid of car insurance.
    Americans all pay a small amount and the costs get reduce when someone uses it.
    That anti seizure medicine will not lower in price because insurances becoming gone. Instead more people will die because they now won't afford it.
    Not every can afford to make monthly payment of 1000 dollars/.

    Its ether universal health care or very regulated insurance and medicine cost. Either choice sounds bad for rich people.

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