• Hi Brother dude

    Yes I think bullying should be criminalized because bullying can be very dangerous and can even lead to very harsh violence. It can teach the kids who are bullying to learn how to respect others. This also helps those that are bullied to have a chance to feel safe, And not to worry about being bullied the next day. This is also the main reason why Carson City Council is doing a new ordinance about criminalizing those who bully. Mike Gimpson, The Carson city council man cited a sad pint that a kid who was bullied since middle school got so sad over the fact that he was bullied he committed suicide in the bathroom during school, Even though this case is so extreme it is a good reason why bulling should be criminalized. At the centers for Disease Control Stated that most of depression happens from bulling and abusive conduct from fellow classmates. Enough of statements it it time to get into detail.

    The Main Effects Of Bulling

    The main effects of bulling is depression and anxiety. Frist lets start with depression, Have you ever gone through depression if you have you know the effects that it does to you, But if you are a kid that is bullied times your depression by 3 thats exactly how they feel. Like mentioned the depression can even lead to suicide. So if we don’t stop this now we will be in big trouble later. But when it comes to anxiety you have the the choice to be anxious or not. Even though it is a choice it still is a big issue kids can be so worried about bulling that they do not focus on their work or even their own life sometimes.

  • Depends on the severity

    I think that if high school bullying should be criminalised is heavily dependant on the severity of the bullying itself. I choose to say yes, Because I'm going to make the assumption that the high school bullying that is being criminalised is more severe - such as physical and sexual harassment, Threatening, Severe cyberbullying, Etc. I believe this should be criminalised and treated just as any other situation that would be outside of high school. Say that one adult, Just because they felt like it, Punched another adult in the face and spat in his face as well, And that the cops were called. The cops would arrest the person for battery, Regardless or not if they got bail. Although, Lots of high school students get away with physically harassing and assaulting others, And at best, They get away with a warning or a detention. I think that there should be a small "chance" given, Due to the fact that they are developing, Hormonal teenagers; I say this because I don't believe that, Even if they are not a good person, I don't think a 16 year old boy, For example should be criminalised, Arrested, Charged, Or even go to jail for something like this happening once or twice.

    Of course, If said 16 year old boy is repeatedly harassing, Assaulting another, And detention has been given, This boy has been warned, Etc, I believe that the authorities should be brought in.

    Overall, It's highly dependant on the severity of the bullying.

  • This is insane.

    I'm sorry, But this is free speech. No matter how harmful their words, As long as they're not physically harming the victim, I simply cannot call it a crime. I think our efforts should not be spent trying to prevent bullying, As it's inevitable, Some people are simply evil. Rather, We need to toughen up younger generation so that they don't have to be so hurt when the time comes for them to finally face the fact that some people will hate you for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

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