• Humans can get it right

    We are you blaming the entire world population? There are communities all over the world that live in balance with nature and help persevere animals.
    You should go after the 1% that are responsible for the majority of the pollution. Scientist can also bring back animals from extinction. They have the DNA they can create clones and bring back animals thought lost.
    You sound like some genocidal maniac Ted Turner. Killing off everyone will not help the planet. Humans were the problems but they are the only ones that can fix the mess they made. How is a wolf going to clean radiation or remove toxic chemicals from the water? You need humans. Beside why are you still here if you believe you are the problem?

  • Yes, We should. . .

    I believe everything was made for a reason. Take a look at the organs in the human body, They all work perfectly together to function the body. Like food webs. I believe we should continue to exist until the time comes for the top of the food chain to change, Like dinosaurs going extinct.

  • Humans are destroying the planet and everything living on it

    No, Humans should not continue to exist, As all that we are doing at present is killing the earth and the other organisms that call it home. Without humanity, The earth would function better than ever, And almost all organisms could survive just fine. However, As studies point to the fact that 98% of global warming/climate change HAS BEEN CAUSED BY HUMANS, Clearly we are the problem here, And therefore the obvious, And most efficient solution is to kill off our species.
    I am not saying I agree with this or think we should employ it, But all signs point to this being the quickest and best way to save our planet and stop things like global warming and pollution.

  • Are humans truly good?

    I'm bringing up a question i put on here from a while ago

    What have humans done to help the world?

    Because of us humans, More than 500 species of animals gone extinct in the past 100 years. The water is becoming polluted, Because humans can't take care of their planet. Humans can't even aid each other. Humans only cause destruction, For other humans and the environment. Humans created devastating weapons, And equipment that has made some parts of the world inhabitable.

    Humans have devolved. We suddenly think there are more than 30 genders, And we think humans should continue to live? We overreact to every little thing, And try to blame someone even if they had no part in it. Nowadays, We suddenly think we can become another gender, Just because we want to or even become disabled just because we want to?

    Humans don't deserve to live anymore. Humans hasn't done any good for the world.
    If you think humans should live, Tell me this. What good has humans done for the world? What makes us different than the wild beasts?

    Forgive my rants in this post.

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