• I really want to

    I adore her. She has a two and a half yr old daughter who is so sweet. Unfortunately the child is not mine. She is the result of my girlfriend being taken advantage of, But she is still so sweet, Obviously after her mother. I’ve been dating her for a year and a half now and until then we were best friends. I met her when I was twelve and we are now eighteen but left school to look after the kid.

  • Can you confidently answer that yourself?

    If you're 100% confident, You look at her and think "I want to spend the rest of my life with her", Then go for it. If there's any doubt, Ask yourself if the doubt is reasonable. If it is, Then talk it out or end it if need be. If not, Then go for it.

    The fact that you're asking this in a debate site makes me think you're not that confident.

  • Marriage is an overrated heteronormative institution with good tax benefits

    Marriage can be sweet, Gay marriage is 10x sweeter, So don’t let my gloom get you down. Governments should not be defining love, And one definitely shouldn’t have to ask the government for approval of one’s relationship, Or the ending of one’s relationship (e. G. Divorce). Those financial benefits though! Get that money, Gf

    Posted by: kbub
  • Yeah if you want

    I mean if that's what you want to do, If you think it's the right time, You know how you want to propose, And you think she might say yes -- then yeah, Go ahead! May the odds be ever in your favor!

    PS: I never watched that movie but here's a movie reference anyway! Hopefully it doesn't sound dismal considering you're talking about proposing XD

  • If you want to, Then yes!

    It doesn't matter if you're a girl too, If she makes you happy then it doesn't matter what others think or believe, Because in truth, It's really none of their business, So the chance and do it. Or, Do whatever you feel like doing. Go for it if you feel confident about it!

  • If you love her do it.

    You know best how you feel about her. It doesn't matter if you're a girl too, If you love her propose to her. If you know you want to be with her for the rest of your life, And know that you want to be married to her do it. If you'll find pride in saying that she's your wife. Marry her, Do what you feel is right

  • Go ahead Be happy

    You and your girlfriend love each other and if you feel you should get married go ahead and do so. No matter what any one tells you. Just because your both women shouldn't change that. I hope you and her have a magical life together without homophobes messing it up.

  • You’re not thinking straight

    Homosexuality is neither a biological imperative nor a genuine concept of attraction; it’s simply a psychological misconception. The very purpose of living is survival and one of the pillars of survival is reproduction, Sexual reproduction. This therefore means in every human there’s a biological urge, Almost like an inclination, A natural pre-programmed primitive inclination to be attracted to the opposite sex. This attraction is a physical program in the human brain which thereby means every human is naturally heterosexual and if they claim not to be, Then that’s indicative of a mental or psychological error or misbelief which clouds the natural physical inclination. Listen, I’m not against those who say they are homosexuals. I’m against their belief of the existence of homosexuality.

  • Please don't do it!

    I am all for lesbians or gays marrying each other, Except for when a kid is involved (Similarly, I think divorce is ok unless a kid is involved. ) Kids deserve to have one father and one mother, And one mother honestly is better than two mothers. Kids usually grow up better when they have a strict yet manly father and gentle and motherly father. They feed off each other.

  • Homosexuality is a mental illness.

    It always have beem, Until it was removed from mental illness list due to riots and political reasons. No matter how hard you make yourself to believe that is ok, And regardless how hard others pretend that its ok, Its a mental illness and disgusting and as such you should be stripped of all rights.

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asta says2018-07-30T22:27:25.420
Is the girl you, Her, Or someone else?

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