• Yes in Spanish

    Why shouldn't he? Our founding fathers created this country to do as we wish. He is not hurting anyone. So therefore yes. He should yeet whatever he pleases, As long he does not hurt others. It is a messaged engrained in our constitution, And one of the reasons this country is great.

  • Cause i wrote it and I say what it is.

    Yeet the beat yote my goat. Jhghrv nurheurfhreghrj rjferaigher gbgnskgergh g g g g t t d d e rnetr thejihw rgh rghstr ght gtihrwtgaerpisrg rs grttghtrt hjgk sesmfjnfjeiura frejiugheriug f gbg ffhwafeuy gea geriaegfv njfksjr viehfu vkisf m ijeei bjfieiwuehfud fjejieisufrur jbnvmxkkdjg rjekkr owoweir jjfvjr oowowoeri tueowwpofk 330i 93234

  • This is garbage

    This opinion is complete garbage and is distracting when I am trying to find real information. You should use debate. Org for real opinions, Not to impress whoever you are trying to. Your description of random letters is completely immature. This is unacceptable and you should be ashamed. You know it's true.

  • Okay, I am just confused.

    Sure. Yeet the beat to yote your goat. I don't care. I am just really confused. I love goats, But why? Just why? I am just confuzzled. What does that even mean? If you hurt said goat, You can go die. But if it is just random words, Then okay

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