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  • Yes, But listen: Only with a good supervisor

    This is only the right option if you use a parent controlled student card, Which lets the parent know whenever the child uses a purchase and what they bought. This also lets the parent control the inflow/outflow of money so they don't waste money on say. . . What's the new popular thing, Ummm. . . V Bucks, Games, Or whatever.

  • No one should.

    Credit cards should be completely banned because all they do is cause people to go into debt. If the majority of adults can't be responsible with a credit card, How exactly do you expect kids to pull it off? I don't want to ever go into debt, And that's why I refuse to get a credit card.

  • Checking account?

    No, I do not think that kids should have CREDIT cards, But I do think that they should be allowed to open up a personal checking account at the age of 16, IF they have a STABLE job, Now a days it's not safe for kids to be carrying around wads of cash, Having it on a card would make it easier and safer. As long as it's a debt card, Credit cards no, It could ruin their life if they decide to use it unwisely.

  • A lifetime of debt is no way to live

    So many adults are deeply in debt: whether it’s credit cards, Student loans, Cars, Houses, Electronics, Travel, Or a combo of the above. Why would kids having credit cards be a good thing? ! That would just decrease their credit scores sooner. Kids should be taught to budget at a young age by parents — not to rely on credit and loans.

  • Simply No They Can't

    Kids aren't developed enough to know when to spend money and when to not. They Don't know the difference between needs and wants. They would buy 3 xboxes and t. V. Then they would starve to death. It simply wouldn't be smart at all would kill our society and economy so just no.

  • Debit cards are ok though

    Kids don't earn the money, So they don't have a spending budget and they can't control themselves even if they tried. They could lose it too. If kids get credit cards, It could easily be stolen by others. Also, Kids have absolutly no control when it comes to spending.

  • Kids should only be given debit cards.

    A credit card (not the same) is basically a loan from a bank, I. E credit. Kids are not ready for such, But what we should do is hand a debit card which is much better for kids as that is simply taking money in and out of the bank account directly. So no credit cards for kids.

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