Should kids be allowed to talk when the teacher is talking?

Asked by: mars4536
  • Kids should be allowed to!

    The kids should be allowed to talk in class because if they are talking, then they obviously don’t want to learn anything!! Let them pick their future teachers! And, don’t force them to be in a class that they don’t want to be in! So thee you go! (this opinion came from a middle schooler)

  • After a Paragraph/Statement

    My teacher doesn't ever let students go up to his desk or raise their hands. Many of the things he says are confusing, wrong, and biased. Out of all the times I have emailed him about urgent things, NONE of those times has he emailed me back. I then come into school and he asks me why I never asked him in the first place.

  • Freedom of Speech

    Although young children do not know it, they have a right to freedom of speech. This right was given to the people in order for them to be able to express themselves. So that they can ask questions without being shunned for having a mind, a conscience, and an opinion. Children especially need to be able to speak while the teacher is speaking because they have a very short attention span. They need to ask the questions immediately or else they will not remember and that child would have lost her chances to learning something new. Also a child has one of the biggest imaginations on the planet, therefore they need to savor every thought by sharing it with others. The teachers should adjust their teaching plan to incorporate the creative ideas of the children; maybe then the teacher would realize that the child also has a voice that speaks the beginning of all knowledge, curiousity.

  • If it isn't disrupting the class.

    If a student has a quick question to ask about the notes or something, and wanted to get it down before moving on (because some students like to have their notes in order), yeah.
    The student shouldn't outright interrupt class for the sake of goofing off with a friend.
    If the student understands what is being said completely (a review lecture or something), and is only talking to someone else who understands, yeah.
    The student shouldn't bother others to talk just for the sake of being a huge bother.

  • Its gonna happen anyways.

    Kids are going to talk in class whether the teacher wants them to or not. It doesn't matter if it should or shouldn't happen, school administration should not be making rules that aren't enforced. I mean honestly, this is just pathetic. Do teachers really think they can stop kids from talking?

  • Yeah they should be Be able to as long as they don't speak when the teachers talking or too noisy.

    Like I said above, they should. Us children need to talk a bit in class, obviously not like so much that we learn nothing, and besides you can keep dicipline while talking y'know. So yeah I mean why not this is no longer Victorian times is it? And besides we like to talk.

  • Freedom of speach

    Everyone has freedom of speach so why can't we use it in class? We speak because we need help and the teacher wont give us the help we need to learn. In conclusion every one nows about freedom of speach so why are kids getting in trouble for speaking in class

  • The kids right

    Kids should nt have the teacher talk to the kids all day and the kids just sit thier, teachers mess up all the time and then kids write those things wrong and fail because of the teacher. So the kids need to speak up and tell the teacher he is wrong.

  • Because we wanna

    Children wanna be able to talk to other kids for help or advice. Some kids that need more help should ask the teacher, but the teacher can't help every one all at the same time. 1\25. Other kids might just want to know what they have to go on with after they've finished the task.

  • Because we can

    We have a voice to, and we should use it to talk, even if it's about Pokemon or COD or even cs go, we should still be able to talk too, why should teachers be able to talk and we can't, we have a voice too, let us use it

  • Sit and be quiet.

    The purpose for you being in the class is so you learn what the teacher is teaching. If you are being disruptive, you are not only denying yourself the knowledge but others who want to be there. If you sit and be quiet long enough, you may learn a thing or two and graduate with your class.

  • No they should not be allowed to talk at all.

    If kids are allowed to talk it will just make it hard for the teacher to teach. So the kids will learn nothing. So this will make a bad situation worse. The reason it is a bad situation is because in the ideal case the kids would not want to talk because the teacher would entertain and amaze. In math kids should be focusing on the math not like work but like a puzzle, in engineering kids should want to see how the things around them work, in english they should be excited by the stories and interested in the lessons they teach, in biology they should be amazed at how far we have come and how much we know etc etc

  • No, of course talking while your teacher is talking should not be allowed.

    F anything, there should be stricter guidelines and rules regarding the issue, and there should be better and more effective procedures dealing with those that do talk when their teachers are talking.

    Talking while a teacher is talking is considered disrespectful. If you talked while your boss was talking to you, or if you were talking during a meeting when someone else was talking, you will more than likely be given a stern warning, and if you keep up showing disrespect to your coworkers and/or bosses, you will be on the fast track to being fired, losing a raise, being demoted or not being promoted. You will have a bad reputation, not only with your coworkers , but also the workplace.

    As for students not wanting to learn anything, oh well, life is tough and unfair, and you will not make it anywhere in the world once you leave high school; schools are providing you what you will need in the real world so that you can have a successful life. If you don't want to learn those valuable things, then you are simply making it harder on yourself.

    Whether or not you find a class boring is not anybody’s problem except for yours. If you do not like a class and/or find it boring, suck it up and take it. There are going to be times like that all throughout your life, whether in high school, in college, at work, or even at home. Just face it. Life will always have boring situations and you may not want to do something, and if you do not do what you are told, the only harm done will be done to you, by you.

    Now, considering mars4536's opinion that students should be able to choose their teachers and classes, you might as well forget it right there. In the real world, you cannot choose your boss or the people you work with. If you do not learn what schools are preparing you with, you may have a small choice in job (what fast-food joint you want to work at), but, regardless of your choice of job, you will more than likely find it boring, and you may look back and wish that you did better in school, and maybe you should not have been talking during class.

    One last thing. Thus far, I have concluded that the only person opposing my opinion at the time (mars4536) talks while his or her teacher is talking. (He or she has not specified his or her gender. Also, if this kid is a middle schooler, he or she lied on his or her account. Unless, of course, he or she really is 16 and still in middle school, which would be sad. However, that would be proof that he or she talks when his or her teacher is talking).

    Ultimately, the presented argument shows that not listening in class is, detrimental to you and your future.

    This opinion came from a high school Junior.

  • Just shut up

    Not only does kids talking when the teacher talking distract the teacher it takes away from other people's learning. I have a personal hatred for this and consider it the ultimate disrespect towards a teacher and the class. Just let the teacher talk, unless it's life or death or injury wait till later to talk about it!

  • Getting Ready for the Future

    When you're eventually in the work force, there will be a time where your boss will be trying to talk to you and your co workers about an idea for the company. As he is explaining, you decide to ignore him. Skip a few weeks, and it's time for presentation. Sadly, by not paying attention while your boss was talking, you missed out on a valuable piece of information that could of led to a promotion. By talking in school, you're preparing your mind to do the exact same thing given the circumstances. The point of school is to 1. Give us an education, 2. Teach us how to mature, and 3. Prepare us for the work force. By talking while your teacher is talking, you're not only showing that you don't care; but that you will eventually be an unsuccessful employee in a certain job. Granted, talking once or twice while a teacher is talking doesn't mean that you're necessarily doing a bad thing. However, if it becomes a habit, it needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY to prevent the consequence listed above. It may sound as if I'm being over dramatic, but these are the signs that you are giving off. If you, at any point, thought that I was being dramatic, then I severely recommend that you reevaluate your current circumstances.

  • Don't be a jerk.

    It is basic civics and good manners not to talk when someone else is talking. If you want to be respected then respect others. If you cannot show the most basic level of respect, such a not talking when other people are talking, then you will probably not receive respect from other people.

  • Kids should not speak while the teacher is talking.

    It is disruptive and not only effects that student but disrupts the entire class. Thus making it harder for all to focus and learn. The first statement from the yes side says that is the opinion of a middle school student. That explains the obvious lack of understanding of the importance in school and classroom discipline.

  • N o p e

    It is disrespectful and rude to the teacher and the teacher is in charge of the class. If the teacher has to silent kids more than 3 times, That means that the kids don't care about what the teacher is teaching. It also disrupts others because some people actually want to learn or focus on things. This also disrupts the learning environment of others. Finally, It affects you and your learning. You can't focus on the teacher when you are talking to a friend. You are wasting your own learning time by talking in class.

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  • Children shouldn't be allowed to talk when the teacher is talking

    I think this because the lessons that the teacher will teach the students will still have some use in that child's future. Also, The student might not be interested in their education in that topic, But that doesn't mean that the other students aren't. I disagree with the statement above because other students ( such as myself ) value our education and above all do not wish to be distracted from it because another student is being quite selfish.

    Posted by: NM_6

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