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Should Kids be out of school on the day after Halloween.

  • Yes ok 👍

    Yes kids do need to be off school after Halloween because they need time to rest after their long day of working in or at their school ok and yes I think that kids should be out of school on the day after Halloween ok so yeah my final final answer is yes bye

  • The day after Halloween.

    On Halloween, You're going to have at least one student in every class that stayed up extremely late, Or didn't go to sleep at all. (Modern) Halloween is a time for children to have fun and stuff up later than usual, Although that may not be the case for everybody. If you go to school the day after, Everything is stressful. The teachers and aides that have children and took them trick-or-treating will be extremely tired, As will the kids. Why have a day of school where everybody is half asleep and never quite into it? Then you have the candy problem. After Halloween, You always have the kids who bring candy to school, To share or to eat by themselves. But several of the students who do that leave their wrappers and trash on SCHOOL GROUNDS. Not in the trash. Gum is everywhere at my school because rules state you can't chew it during class, So they stick it on the floor and walls instead of in the trash. Seriously, This is a day of torture for nearly everybody.

  • Last Year I ate lasagna on Halloween

    So last year my parents let me stay home on Halloween and my dad and I made some lasagna and it was delicious. WHY DO I NEED TO ADD MORE WORDS THIS IS PROOF THIS WEBSITE IS TRASH. PS. The lasagna was delicious.
    Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

  • Pro fortnite gamers

    Let the kids have fun and candys don't be messed up with them like just be a nice guy some kids haven't even gone and if they don't go they are going to be mad at the school and might be rude to the teachers like us but yeah you get it or nah?

  • They're gonna skip it anyways

    Most kids whether it be 1st graders to high schoolers end up skipping that day anyway so it would benefit kids because they wouldn't miss anything. We should let kids whether it be young or almost adults enjoy their childhood and have a little break from learning. A break once in a while doesn't hurt anyone

  • Because your out late

    As a student i feel like the day should be given off because many people are often throwing parties and also many people are out getting candy from strangers and its overall the enjoyment of kids having fun but it all depends when people stay out late all the time and its the overall mood of things.

  • We still need to learn.

    Just because we are out late does not mean It should affect our learning. If you stay up late and eat junk, That's your fault. Kids need to learn! Besides, This holiday does not have a very important significance, Such as flag day or Christmas. Halloween is fun, But it should not stop our minds.

  • Seems like a bit of a joke.

    We shouldn't me encouraging kids to have a day off school just because they were out late the night before. Not ever kid goes guising and not every teenager will go to a party (even then the parties tend to be on the closest weekend to Halloween rather than on the actual day), So it just mean those who don't are missing out on a day of education. For those that choose to bunk of the day after, They should be expected to catch up - we shouldn't be making everyone else lose out because some people would be skipping school anyway - if they want to be lazy it should be taught from a young age this could have consequences. Even the idea of having the day of purely so kids can eat junk and stay up seems insane to me, And I'm and student myself.

  • You've got to be kidding

    This is another example of why America needs to learn responsibility. Just because you indulge to much (candy or ETOH), You have a responsibility to do. This is why other countries kids have better score, They have discipline. You call into work because you drank to much or ate to much candy, Shame on you. Grow up America

  • Learning Is required!

    We need to learn, Ok. Maybe young kids can get Halloween off. But middle schoolers and high schoolers need that day to learn. The Holiday may be fun, But when you get older, You need that time to learn. Yet at the same time, Its fun and you won't be able to enjoy it for much longer. Enjoy it when your young, And miss it when your old.

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