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  • Yes, Kids should be playing video games.

    Now Imma j u s t p u t 5 0 w o r d s i n h e r e j u s t b e ca u s e I n e e d t o. O h w a i t. N ow Im done

  • Why not if it's for relaxation

    The big question is why not. At best it helps with hand, Eye coordination and has lowered violence. Worst case scenario it wastes time. If we're going to worry about that let's also get rid of music TV and etc. If you count simulators you can even see, Parts of the world/ cultures they may never see in real life. As a side note because of video games I've learned quite a bit of Japanese. So case and point why doesn't matter in their free time what they do so long it's not hurting anyone

  • I like mario

    Video games are good for reaction time and can help you bond with your family niggga ana iwjw99o0 09wu09 w9 dj 9iaw9owo9 jqwaloqaolquwo9oi ow oij wfio wfoijwthisss needs to be 50 words ssuifheia h i ij i ihod uhfeuouo seioieg aae io ri i a;i h h ; s;ii kn

  • Because nintendo is gud.

    S U P E R S M A S H B R O S I S T H E B E S T G A M E E V E R. Studies show that gaming can improve reaction time. Plus its now a legit career so there! I can waste my life playing fortnite and you can't complain!

  • Some games improve your brain if your play

    Studies show that call of duty of any fast past game has been linked to better reaction time. And platforms like Mario and mega man can help you with puzzles and problem-solving. Story/narrative game have been knowing to teach moral lessons like a book would do. But playing them too long can damage your brain. They recommended 2-3 hours of game time for kids

  • They should because sometimes you can learn something from them

    Like in assassins creed odyssey you can get a good geographical understanding of landmarks in Egypt. I n e e d t w r i t e 5 0 w o r d s s o I a m d o i n g t h i s. ,

  • Kids should not play video games.

    One reason is studies show that it rots your brain. Some people get addicted to video games and stay up all night playing and fall asleep in class. Students also spend too much money on video games and they don't learn how to save money. Video games cause mental problems that need to be solved.

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