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  • Have Wednesdays off

    We need more time off, It's the middle of the week and we get a break from work, Stress and anxiety. If people disagree the kids can do work from home or revision. Or maybe even have sunday on school but Wednesdays off. I AM RIGHT PLEASE AGREE REEE ¬

  • I think schools should have wensdays off

    I think schools should have wensdays off because it will give kids more time to relax and also it will give them more study time which will lead to better grades. Also if students have wensdays off the could spend more time with family and friends which will lead t not taking as much in class to friends.

  • Students need more time to themselves.

    Students already go to school for so long and having Wednesday off would make the week feel like it's not as long. They would possibly be able to hang out with their family and they would get a chance to be with other friends. And those with passions would also have more time to focus on that passion instead of work they will never use as an adult. Some students can also focus better at home than they can at school, School work can easily be done at home in less time.

  • Why Do They Need The Extra Holiday?

    Wednesday holds the week together. Putting a holiday in the middle of the week does not make sense. Add this to the fact that high schoolers have more to study and need extra working days to cover the syllabus. Overall the suggestion is trash given that some people already have a five-day week.

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