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  • Yall h8rz need to have some respect

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  • They should be able too

    My friend watched Vampire Hunter D : Bloodlust and is 11. Her parents don't care. She has watch Queen of the damned(I think that one is R) and Zombieland. So yea that's about it, it should be up to the parents and there maturity level. That's about it, don't judge plz.

  • It Really Depends

    I think children that are older than say, 10, are perfectly able to watch movies that are rated R for language, as they're old enough to understand not to repeat those words. Around the say time, certain children may also be able to stomach the violence, but it depends on the child. Waiting until the teens for sex is a good idea.

  • Yes they should

    Children will learn about it Sometime in their life! Its better to let them watch now then to worry. Directors made the movies to BE MADE, not to let them go to waste! If you don't want your kids to watch the movie, fine, do that, but they might just get worse. . And it mostly depends on the age range. AT LEAST kids should start watching at 7; they would at least be in 4th/5th grade. So yes, its fine that kids watch R movies.

  • Children should watch R-rated movies based on their parents' discretion.

    Parents should exercise discretion in determining which movies are appropriate for their children to watch, regardless of the movie rating. Ratings are intended as guidelines, but the assignment is not always consistent. Some R-rated movies are appropriate for children to watch. If parents decide a movie is appropriate for their children, then they should be allowed to watch them.

  • Comprehension & Content

    My father let me watch the terminator series ( rated R) when I was just about 5-6 years old. He had explained to me not to repeat foul language violence etc. Just because I was young didn't mean I couldn't learn right from wrong. To discriminate against children because of their age is doing them a disservice. Share your knowledge and wisdom, I understand some things need to be explained later on. But to treat a child like a fool because they are young is narrow minded.

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  • Yes yes yes

    I'm for it because the people that make the movie should not decide if we are able to watch r rated movies . Kids might be able to handle more things then others. Our parents should decide if we can watch r rated movies . Yes yes yes yes yes

  • Memes & more memes


  • NOPE. Kids shouldn't.

    Because children, like it or not, don't have the prudence to know what they can and cannot emulate, and when and where they can.
    I have seen kindergardeners try to french each other and their parents because they don't know you don't do that. (I've seen them do worse to each other as well)
    They learn language and terminology that they don't understand, but that doesn't stop them from using it.
    They see behaviors that, like language, they don't understand, but they try to emulate them anyway. Kids try to physically fight with each other - which doesn't tend to be socially acceptable.
    Many of the things that children see adults laugh at, they will try to copy. When someone does something dangerous on television, children don't necessarily know that it isn't a good idea to do that in real life. All they know is that Mom and Dad laughed when that man put a cat in the clothes dryer, so they do it too.
    Basically, Rated R movies deal with material and behaviors that are not considered universally socially acceptable. These materials and behaviors are probably ok in their proper place, but kids don't have the social saavy to know that, so they do the things they see on tv at inappropriate times and places.

  • Affects their actions

    I'm sure SOME not all kids can watch R- rated films without copying what they hear and see. But that it isn't the case all the time. Violence children may see in such movies can and indeed affect their psychological behavior. The effects can have them driven to alcohol abuse, illegal drugs etc.

  • All just because a lot of kids watch r rated movies doesnt mean they will copy every thing they see and hear

    My father lets me watch r rated stuff. Some people say violence, sex, nudity, and language in movies will alqays affect kids brain, not always true. Kids should have their rights. Grown ups think of kids of babys. Kids can be mature enough and to handle these type pf films it makes me so mad when parents dont let their cbildren wath r rated movies. It depends on family or how mature they are

  • Kids will come to dead

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  • Kids brains arent developed

    Studies show that your brain is not fully developed until the age of 25, teenagers brains are slightly more developed than a 10 year old so they can distinguish between right and wrong. A ten year old will have a harder time deciding what is right and wrong, if they see someone on tv doing it, why cant they do the same? That will be the first thing to run through theyre mind, they will start experimenting and it could go as far as killing in real life.

  • No even studies show kids should not be alloed to watch r rated movies

    Research shows that your brain is not fully developed until the age of 25. Teenagers brains are slightly more developed than the mind of a ten year old they can distinguish between right and wrong, but a ten year old may struggle with determining what is right/wrong. If they see it they will think it is okay for them to do the same.

  • Internalizing the Dehumanization of Women

    As a preadolescent girl in the 1960s, my parents took me to movies that reinforced my belief that I was supposed to become a sex object when I grew up. These movies included several James Bond films; Fowle's, The Collector, about a man kidnapping art student & keeping her in his cellar where she died: and the Pawn Broker that showed his naked wife raped by Natzi officers. As a result, I learned to accept harmful male/female relationships as normal because of my parents accepted such behavior as normal with no moral advice to the contrary.

    I advise protecting children of both sexes, from concepts that devalue women, so that when they grow up they have healthy relationships with each other.

  • They will abuse

    What if they see somebody having s_x and try doing it to a class mate or somebody.Or swear at school or go naked because they think it is the funny thing to do and go to jail . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Do you really want your kid seeing nudity?

    Many kids nationwide are seeing things that adults shouldn't even see. The results more then usual end up badly by even getting up to expelled in school. Don't you want your child to be successful in life.Anyway, nudity isn't just the problem as there is cussing too. Unless your an irresponsible parent, you wouldn't want your kid cussing at a teacher and getting kicked out of school not knowing what they did wrong. Anyway I hope you put this into consideration the next time your kid wants to see a rated R movie

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