• Yes it should

    I think laws should be stricter for tennage drivers. The reason why is because teenage drivers will drink or be driving drunk. They will also be texting while driving and or drive with no hands. Some teenagers are not responsible to drive because some of them are reckless driving without sence. So this is why I think laws should be stricter on teenage drivers.

  • Teens should have more strict rules.

    The laws for teenage drivers should be more strict. Teenagers haven't been driving as long as adults and are still learning. More strict rules would encourage safer driving habits and make it safer for them as well as other drivers on the road. It would give them a chance to learn and improve.

  • Yes they should

    I believe laws should be stricter for teenage drivers, I mean no one is a perfect driver but they should have to go to driving school all teenagers before they are allowed to get their drivers licesnse they are more likey to cause accidents and the person or persons die as a result.

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  • Teen drivers need early practice, Safety training and states need to raise higher restrictions on Permit license & their actual license to better avoid accidents.

    In today’s percentages of causes death, Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death and injury among United States adolescents.
    When teenage drivers say they're ready, You don't know if they are truly ready be alone like that. You never know what could happen on the rode, That's one thing that everyone knows for a fact.

  • Gucci gang yuh

    I think that it should be stricter because nobody wants people to die. And most car crashes/ vehicle crashes are because of teens. We can do better at protecting people's children and friends. But at the same time, Nobody wants rules too strict. Gucci gang for the win :3 :)

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  • My cuizin died from a car crash

    I neer got a chance for meeting him becuase a car crash so i think the laws should be stricter incase of any emgancy so thats my suggestion for helping improve laws so i hoe that the cops will read ths and listin to my idea becuase i dont want any of my family geting hurt again so i hope my rules come true

  • Having stricter driving laws for teens can prevent accidents and deaths

    Even if there are still adults that do DWI, more teens drink and drive, and don't treat their substance properly. Whether it be drugs (especially since marijuana is legal now) or alcohol or whatever, teens tend to misuse it more. And even if maybe it is the problem that the liquor store sold it to them, maybe then having stricter laws on buying liquor and DWI can be enforced and make this better for everyone

  • Good guidelines are universal

    Assuming all reasonable considerations are being taken into account and this example teenager is neither blind, nor brain damaged in some fashion that makes him in some way unique from the driving populace and insupportable as a driver, I argue that a good traffic guideline or law should purport to be universal, i.e. should pertain to and adequately govern all drivers who are otherwise legally eligible to be on road. Special considerations are band-aid fixes that do not address underlying complications of road travel. If a band-aid fix is being considered for teenagers (or more likely, the elderly) it should be investigated further to determine and remedy the underlying ripple for the benefit of all roadgoers. If it can be demonstrated that a portion of the driving populace are especially susceptible, above and beyond reasonable doubt, to a particular hazard, I would encourage policy makers to strongly consider penning a policy for all drivers, to establish a normative expectation of conduct and remove any potential for abuse through confusion. Moreover, if a portion of the populace is found susceptible such that the risk is credible, severe, and limited in scope only to that portion specifically, recommend removing that portion entirely from legal driving status through modifying universal definitions of legal eligibility.

  • Hell to the no

    Kids need freedom and what if someone was trying to rape or steal you? You could take a car and drive away!! It's safer and what if you wanted to run away from your abusing parents? Take the car and drive away. Kids need to also go places for their own good

  • No laws shouldn't be stricter

    Not all teens are irresponsible and should have to suffer because other teens they shouldn't have their license if they are irresponsible immature and get distracted easily. I believe teens should not have stricter laws because some teens want to act a fool and goof around while driving. This is not all teens.

  • Teen Responsibility while driving

    Teens should know the law before getting behind a wheel to begin with. If they don't know the laws then they aren't ready to drive yet. The laws should not be more strict just because they are teenagers. Everyone has the same rights and same laws that they have to follow. It's their responsibility

  • Laws shouldn't be strict for teenage drivers.

    Teenage drivers shouldn't get stricter laws because if they have a car that can connect to the phone that means they can talk to people while the car is like your phone, you get it? If they want to read their text then the car can just read the text to the teenage driver. Just hope they don't text back and hope they have that kind of car!

  • Yes the laws should be stricter for teenage driver

    Teens now be on there phone and don't pay attenchion to rodes, that is how a crash starts. Also some teens drive with only one hand. When your on the freeway you see crashes every which way. This is why laws should be stricter for teenage driers. Next time you get in a crash keep in mind my arguement

  • Don'the have to stickter

    Because if teenage one start driving from 15 age. They get advantage like they get more experience of driving, they perfect driving to take lessince and they never late for school and for tuition and our money also not waste tat is why laws should not sticker to teenage driver

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  • I Don't Think So Boi

    Car accidents are the No 1. Cause of death among U.S. teens, but that does not automatically mean that the teens were the ones driving the cars!!!!! Stricter laws would just make teenagers lives a whole lot worse. Teenagers are already fiscriminated against for everything else that they do , so why should we be discriminated aginst driving!? That isn't fair!!!

  • No this should to happen

    If this happens the criminal crime rate will go up should this happen do u want teens life to be changed do you really want to have teens lead to drugs crime and more more than 50% of teens that have gone to jail for breaking driving laws have lead to crime after do you really want our future to be one NO

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