Should men be allowed to wear a dress as freely as women are allowed to wear pants?

  • Yes, Stop getting so upset

    I am not saying that i support or do not support the act, But it should still be allowed. The argument that GEOTUS made makes no sense and is heavily opinionated, Talking about "men being weak". You especially shouldn't use middle eastern culture as an example, Primarily because those cultures have been infamous for not supporting gender equality and not giving women the same rights as men.

  • Yes yes yes!

    I don't even understand why people can't see that all clothes can be worn by all people. I'm a guy and I am about to take up skirt wearing just to show others how stupid of an argument this really is. Girls wear whatever they want. Guys should do the same. Girls only started wearing pants in the last few hundred years. Before that men wore the tights and high heels, Back in ancient Egypt and Roman times all men wore skirts. What it comes down to is guys need to stop being pushed around by women and other guys and just be bold and wear what they want. And when a guy calls them out on it ignore their ignorance.

  • Of course! Absolutely!

    I think clothes should be just that, Clothes. Everyone should have the opportunity to wear what makes them feel good. I knew a guy who likes wearing skirts and pigtails and he's straight! He looks adorable in them too. ^-^ No matter what sexuality you are, You have the right to wear what makes you happy. I am a bit against wearing super revealing clothing though.

  • Yes, They absolutely should.

    Women wearing pants is not an uncommon thing. I know because I am a woman. Just because of your gender and what is physically going on in your body shouldn't determine what you can and can't wear. One of my gay, Male best friends wore a dress to homecoming. He looked fabulous. I wear pants (leggings, Jeans, Capris, Sweatpants) almost everyday. I don't feel ashamed or lesser or different or not myself because of this. Men should feel this way about wearing dresses, Or anything else they would want to wear.

  • As usual, My answer is antisocially nuanced

    Yeeeessss, But then, Any and every skinhead/biker/crazy homeless person, Should have the intrinsic right to kick the ever-loving {debate dottie orgie is run by schoolmarms} out of the la-dee-dah in Q. Because they will. You have to allow for it. And, No, This isn't a case of "asking for it". . . But stimulus A invokes response B. They'll be thrashed. Often. So. . . It's like drugs. Just Say 'NO'. Choices have consequences and repercussions. End of story.

  • Like it or Hate it

    Whether or not one approves of this notion, Matters little. This is protected under the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution as being freedom of speech and expression. There are, Nor should there ever be any laws prohibiting the expression or freedom of speech for any groups or persons under any circumstances.

    This is more of a question that answers itself, Given the proper knowledge and understanding of how speech and expression works. We get to be who we are, Because of how free we are. If you don't claim it now, Don't try to claim it later.

  • Men Should Be Allowed To Wear A Dress

    If you think that men should not wear dresses, That's only your discrimination. Men should have the rights to wear whatever they want to wear. Women wear pants, Right? Then men should be allowed to wear dresses, Too. When it's hot, Pants may be too hot for men. Dresses are cool, Because there is free space under it. Dresses are right for hot days, Even for men.

  • People Should And Can Wear What They Want.

    Seriously though, Why would you care about what other people wear. ‘Because it looks weird. ’ Well, If you think that, Just keep that opinion to yourself, There is no need to put your unwanted opinions out there. Also, In the past men thought that women wearing pants looked weird, But nowadays, Women wear pants more than dresses. If every man wore dresses and went around that way for a few years, Eventually people would get used to it and accept that anyone can wear pants or dresses. People have the freedom to wear what they want to wear, And that should not be changed by other people’s views. I am not saying that I support or don’t support this act, Personally I wouldn’t wear dresses, But I am just saying that if you want to wear a dress, Go for it, Because it is your unique opinion and your unique taste.

  • People should wear what they want to wear

    Why are people so stingy? I can't believe that so many people are against this. If a women wants to wear pants, No one is against it, But if a male wears a dress, Suddenly everyone is against it. Just let people wear what they want to wear, If you oppose that, Then keep your opinion to yourself.

  • People should be able to wear what they want

    All the people saying no are just homophobic and that's a fact. Why be bothered by what one wears? Let them wear what they feel comfortable with, They're not bothering you and you're making yourselves victims. It's honestly pathetic that so many of you are so against gay people that you feel threatened by them. I mean seriously, One person answered" my mom came from a place where she only wore dresses so man can't wears it"? Gtfo with this illogical nonesense.

  • What is wrong with you people

    It is not right or natural for a man to wear a dress. Dresses were made for woman not for a bunch of confused people who thing there a woman and not a man. But for those who support this are just as confused as the ones that want to wear a dress. So no man should not be allowed to wear dress as freely as woman.

  • Pants have practical uses.

    My mom likes wearing pants because she came from a place where they only wore dresses. She eventually wore pants and likes them. They keep your legs warm they do fly up in the win and you are less exposed and they do not fall off.

    She however does wear dresses from time to time and she agrees that men should not wear dresses. Dresses are a clothing that women should only have access to. Just like women should be the only one wearing high heals. My mom wear sneakers more than she wears high heels and she agrees that those should only be exclusive to men.
    Weird people like will smith son wear dresses but normal people do not do that. James Charles puts on make up because he is mentally ill. Normal people do not. Simple as that
    Your behavior is deviant and in the minority and not normal.

  • No, You creep

    While women wearing pants is common these days, It's a lot more normal looking than a man in a dress. Not only that, But in many nations in the Middle East STILL forbid women from wearing casual clothing like they do in the USA and other western nations. If men are truly manly (and I'm not comparing natural men to transgenders; I'm talking about men with guts and pride vs weak men who get run over by their wife), They still go for the tux or suit and tie. I wouldn't be caught dead in a dress. I don't think you'll get the pleasure of trying one on (if you're a man yourself) even after the Middle East's women get the liberties that women in western civilization have. And when I say "pleasure" I mean "ridicule of the rest of the men in the world".

  • I'm sorry no

    Women should be able to wear pants it's a normal thing and pants are more comfortable, But men it's not natural for them to wear skirts and dresses. They just shouldn't. I'm sorry if you don't agree with this its just my opinion. No hate on men who do though.

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