• I'm a 33 yr old male. I have breasts. I sometimes wear a bra.

    I grew boobs during puberty. It was bad. I was skinny and had perky, Pointy b cup breasts. My nipples were really puffy and girly to. I use to hate it. My boobs were bigger than some of the girls at school. Doctor even examined me and was amazed at well developed they were. My first girlfriend liked them and encouraged me to wear her bras. We were close to the same size. It was then that I began to like my breasts. Since then I've often worn bras. They feel nice, And help with the nipples, And bounce. I wish it were more accepting to wear it out in public.

  • I say yes if a man has breasts.

    I am 55 yo, Over the last couple of years I have developed man boobs. And also at times I was in pain when my breasts bounced walking, Driving and even going up and down stairs. I sought advice from my doctor and it was either surgery or start wearing a bra. As surgery is not an option for me, I felt at first very embarrassed. My wife has been very supportive and she took me to a ladies shop and had me measured properly. I was a B cup, And she thinks now that maybe I should be a C cup. I wear shirts that hide to straps etc and bulky enough in the front to hide my bra. It took a bit to get used to wearing one, But now I don't really notice it. Im not in any pain now at all. So I say if it makes you feel comfortable and its not affecting anybody else then wear one.

  • Well wearing a bra might make them think there less masculine but what ever makes them happy but no one can judge them

    So in the end to all the guys out there you do what makes you happy so you can wear a bra if you want but if you don't want to then who cares you don't have to but it dosent make you less manly than you are so go live your life how you want to

  • The word bra.

    Has implications and associated mental imagery that extends beyond the fundamental use of the support garment in question. Gynaecomastia is a fairly common condition and indeed in extreme cases it is sometimes preferable and necessary to wear a support garment. A garment better referred to as a gynaecomastia vest rather than a bra.

  • Tell me why not?

    It's there body and it's there constitutional right and who cares what someone else is wearing, It's nun of there business. I personally
    think they there selfish and do not have breasts especially not nice ones, Just flat and hard bone. There narrow mined and jealous people are afraid of that they may begin too like the idea there self.

  • Yes they can

    My brother developed breasts after hormone therapy for cancer. They grew to C cup with large nipples that stuck out like a woman's when he wore a t-shirt. I went with him and we bought a selection of bras that both support and hide his nipples. He feels much better about himself and has decided not to have surgery in the meantime to remove them. Although they are impossible to hide he has never had a problem with other people and has a really lovely girlfriend who I think is quite fond of his boobs. So as a woman I say if a guy needs one he shouldn't be embarrassed about it, There are plenty of styles out there that will support and I bet he'll have loads of help and support by the women in his life.

  • Boobs are heavy.

    I'm a 36C even I can't run without the pain of the boobs flopping like they are going to rip off my chest with every bounce. Ever try to take stairs without a bra you might as well stick two 5 pound with plates onto a elastic band and get throat punched then stomach punched. . They hurt without support. Look up the try guys video on them trying boobs on YouTube. You'll beget my point

  • Cuz woman wear some for support

    Cuz. They are for boobs and not necessarily for woman it's for support and comfort and I have gyno comastia and I need support for my chests and I'm only 12 if you think I should tell me please cuz I don't whant to tell my mom and dad thanks for reading

  • I wear bras

    Wearing a bra is a personal choice and frankly if it's a choice of wearing a bra or having pain, I'll take the bra every time. I wear bras because they feel good on me, So I'm not worried about pain so much. I'm a very nice B cup and have found some nice bras on Amazon.

  • My opinion is no, For the most part.

    When it comes down to it, Just let everyone do what they want, But I would argue that the majority of men would find wearing a bra degrading as it makes them stand out from more masculine figures. If someone would like to wear one, Go ahead, But in general, I say no.

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