• Military troops should patrol the border.

    Military troops should patrol the border. I think this should continue because it has worked very well so far. If we stop patrolling the border then we risk people crossing without our knowledge of them. This would allow them to smuggle weapons and drugs across the border and risk the safety of the U.S.

  • Yes they should

    I would say just for the national guard to protect our borders and the US coast guard is already protecting our waters. Border patrols don't have enough people to protect our borders. We need people that trained in the military to protect it. Cartels are working with the terrorist around the world and making sure they get Texas back because of what mexico is teaching them in school by saying that America should give Texas back to them

  • Isis has walked in

    No brainer. No border security means a security breach. Why is this even a question? Complete open borders is chaos. Ask any school kid. Do you leave your house unlocked? No! Why? Security is always important. It’s just common sense to most of us. Many would love no security at our borders.

  • Border Patrol Should Always be a Military Function

    I don't know how border patrol ever became a civilian duty but it should be a Military function. Securing the border of a whole nation is best served by the military just as it is in many countries around the world. The liberals in this country hate the military and don't want them used for anything but we should pull our troops home and put them on our own borders.

  • Yes. The department of homeland security is useless.

    We have soldiers in perhaps a hundred countries or more. There is always talk of the porous united states/Mexican border, the us/Canadian border is no more controlled. Even worse are the coastal waters. I wish I could remember where I saw the video, it showed the agency protecting a stretch of the Pacific Ocean I believe in the state of Oregon was the state police. The trooper who was being profiled was observing the ocean as he drove up and down the freeway. His shift ended about nightfall, and he was not replaced. I have never seen anything like this in any country I have visited.

  • I don't believe that troops should watch the border.

    I think we are already wasting enough time and money on trying to keep people from crossing the border. I feel like the troops could mostly be better utilized somewhere else. The border patrol are already there for patrolling the border and it is what they are paid to do.

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