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Should Noodles have been allowed to play with the Offspring, due to his age?

  • True rock and roll has no age

    Kevin John Wasserman, better known as "Noodles," serves as an integral part of the pop-punk band The Offspring. As a result, despite being 53 - which makes him ancient in the rock and roll world - he should still be allowed to play with the band that he is a backbone for.

  • Yes, Noodles should have been allowed to play.

    Yes, Noodles should have been allowed to play. It doesn't matter how old he is, but just that he wants to play and is willing to put in the time to be part of the band and be good enough for the band. His age should not matter at all.

  • Sure, let him play.

    I think that Noodles should have been allowed to play with the Offspring regardless of his age. Talent is talent, and no one should be limited to doing something they are passionate about just because of how old they are. This is ageism and it is wrong. In business settings, it is even illegal.

  • No, he was too old.

    At the time when the band was forming, Noodles was old enough to buy alcohol,but the rest of the members were still in highschool. He would get them drugs and alcohol, which led many of the members of the band to have drug and alcohol problems. They should have been better supervised.

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