• NO. Nuclear Power Plants are Necessary, Beneficial, And Practical in every country's economy.

    First, Why are Nuclear Power Plants Necessary? If you would compare countries with NPP and those without NPP, Who's more successful when it comes to economy? Those who are with NPP.

    Now, Why are they beneficial? Are they really beneficial? In this website, We can find the benefits of NPP: www. Conserve-energy-future. Com/pros-and-cons-of-nuclear-energy. Php.

    Why is it practical for a country to have NPP? As we said earlier, Instead of wasting money on things that won't help people, We should invest on a NPP (for countries that doesn't have NPP). For I assure you, It will never be in vain.

    Now, Some might say that it is dangerous to have a NPP. I'll ask, Is it not dangerous to drive a car, To drive a bike, Let citizens have guns, Or let criminals roam free? Yes. Why do we still have them? Because they're useful and helpful for our every day lives. This goes also for NPP.

    And some might argue, "Oh, Those aren't dangerous. The ones using em are the ones dangerous. " This also goes for the NPP, If we use it, Plan carefully, With extreme caution, It can be our greatest asset.

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