• Of course BLYAT!

    If you don't agree you should go to Gulag, Where papa Stalin will educate you on the SOVIET WAY. You stupid Gopniks should be tossed into the snow of the Russian winter to starve, Like the stupid BLYATS you are. Unless you are forgiven by Godfather Putin. . . .

  • Free speech is still a thing, For now.

    This is America, We still have the 1st Amendment, Besides the definition of "offensive" is subjective, And varies from person to person. There is no thesible boundary, No line in the sand, No golden standard to determine what is deemed "offensive" across the board. Censorship of offensive jokes and viewpoints is a very slippery slope into chipping away at the 1st Amendment, Piece-by-piece. So grow up, And deal with it.

  • Of course they should

    The intention of jokes is to provide humour. The intention of a joke is NOT to make some sort of brash statement or reflection of ones views or characteristics. They can be a way to laugh and even bond over sensitive issues and give people a brief moment of respite if they are suffering or are troubled. You may not find a joke funny but finding a joke "sick" is entirely a matter of opinion as well. Humour is entirely subjective so demanding offensive jokes be "unacceptable" is really a waste of time.

  • Jokes are jokes.

    Contrary to popular belief, Joking about sensitive topics doesn't affect anything. Usually, When people laugh at an offensive joke it's because they actually believe the problem being joked about is real. Humor is a subjective concept so when people say "That's not something to joke about. " they are also saying "Whatever I don't find funny is OBJECTIVELY not funny. " which is an authoritarian idea. Another thing to factor is context. If someone says "Gas the Jews. " or "Enslave the niggers. " it doesn't always mean the person actually thinks people should do that because irony exists and not every joke has to make a statement.

  • This is yes but in Red

    I am fully on board for offensive jokes, They are some the funniest out there, This answer is literal yes just in red.

    Good night, Sleep tight, Don't let the Gestapo find you tonight.

    See that can be counted as offensive, But its funny.
    However there are things that i don't joke about like veterans because they are legends

  • Free Speech: Its a Thing

    It all really depends on the joke. If it is really deep, And offensive, Be careful of who you are saying it around. I think a lot of offensive jokes are really funny, Some of the best jokes out there, But it really does depend on the actual joke you are telling, And if it affects you or not. I mean it's fine if it doesn't affect you just be careful.

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