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  • People are literally dying

    Usually, Sticking to the constitution is a pretty good idea, But in this case, No. Firearms have gone from being slow, Heavy, Expensive things to being light and quick. Hundreds of children have died from this allowance of Guns in the United States. How Many more need to die before this archaic law gets revoked? There have been close to zero School Shootings in countries with Gun Control. Keeping the newest generation alive is enough of a reason within itself to outlaw firearms.

  • People with common sense yes, But not everyone.

    The same argument can be made here as anywhere else. If someone is considered dangerous, Unstable, Or a threat to themselves or anyone else they shouldn't be allowed near any sort of weapon, Nor should they be put in a position where they could do harm. On the other hand, Honest, Hardworking people with the barest inkling of common sense should NOT be punished for NOT doing anything wrong, And the scum in the government have no right to take away anyone else's right to defend themselves. It's been said already that one of the first things tyrannical governments do is disarm their citizens, And we only need to look at other country's to see that fact, Plain and simple

  • No they should not

    I am from australia and after the port Arthur massacre the government really came down hard on guns, Most people believe that this means that guns are banned but it's more complex, You want an m4, Sorry dog you gonna have a hard time, My father owns two guns, My uncle has one, My mates father has several, Because they have a reasons, My father and uncle grew up on farm land and kept their guns from that time because of hunting local pests, In Australia you need a reasons that isnt just "i need it for protection" i don't feel unsafe walking the streets, A few months back a guy went around trying to stab people, He was stopped by a chair and milk crate, We don't need them on mass, I say if some one actually needs them then go ahead, But be restrictive on what kinds and calibres you sell

  • People have a right to self-preservation.

    The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution states, And I quote;
    A well regulated Militia, Being necessary to the security of a free State, The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, Shall not be infringed. This means individuals have a right to self-preservation, And a right to life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And we defend that right through the use of allowing our citizenry to arm themselves against any threat, Foreign or domestic, That they deem necessary to fight. One of the first things tyrannical governments do is disarm their citizens. Could you imagine how much differently some of history’s worst atrocities could have turned out, Had the citizenry been armed? I would imagine quite differently. And in terms of gun control, That’s not the issue I’m discussing here. I’m simply asking, Do individuals have the right to own the firearms themselves.

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