Should Palestinians be allowed to have their land?

  • Free free palestine

    Would you want someone to storm your house and claim it theirs? I think not.
    Would the government consider the storming a crime? Yess! So why is it that the Zionists can get away with it and the U. N. Isn't doing anything about it btw I don't hate Jews or Israeli citizens i only hate the Zionists and Palestinian terrorists

  • Yes they should

    Yes because there is no other solution. If not now then in the future their population will be much greater and they will not accept the same solution.
    Ultimately they will not be absorbed into Israel nor other Arab states. It is unlikely that Israel will dismantle their state. Genocide is not an option. Therefore, They should be given their own state.

  • Palestinians definitely deserve their own land

    As a Palestinian, I know for a fact that Palestine should have their land back because no matter what, It will always be apart of them. And what Israel did was absolutely ridiculous and so disrespectful to the Palestinians. Palestinians do not deserve to be tortured and killed just because Israel despises them. Palestinians should be left alone in comfort without ridiculously lunatic people surrounding them.

  • Until they stop being terrorists

    From what I've seen no, They do not have the right to go back to their land. They poked at the bear and now they are suffering the consequences. And even then, They aren't seeking peace with Israel and continue their path of irrational and overly aggressive terrorist ideals. Until they realize that violence is not an answer then they will not be allowed back for security issues

  • Let them make peace with Israel

    The Palestinians will have to make peace with Israel before their land should be returned to them. As long as they want to drive the yews into the sea they should be contained. Every concession Israel has made to Palestine has blown up in their faces so I don't think Israel shouldn't do any more than they have already done. The Palestinians should first prove that they can be trusted before Israel shows them any good will.

  • They are losers

    Israel keeps murdering them over and over again. They have never won and never will. They are at a point where they basically live in anarchy and have little government. If their land is given back it will simply be re-taken and Israel will be mad. That accomplishes nothing. .

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