Should Parents be allowed to hit their children if they dis- obey?

  • Depends on the gender

    In a patriarchal society, Girls must be harshly disciplined since a very young age. Her role as a female has to be instilled in her mind so that she is a proper, Obedient, Self-sacrificing, Male-adoring woman in time for puberty.

    Boys, On the other hand, Should be free to be free be themselves as long as they're not doing anything illegal or particularly immoral.

    Regardless of gender though, All children and wife must submit to the Male head of the house. If you disrespect or disobey Daddy, If Daddy thinks you've done something to deserve a punishment, Then you will be punished.

  • Only to discipline.

    I and most people who grew up in my generation and before had parents that disciplined their kids including physically and the vast majority of us have/had no issues because of it. If anything, It made us more accountable for our actions.
    I think one of the biggest problems today is the lack of accountability. People blame others for things they do wrong. Don't blame my reckless driving, Blame the officer. Don't blame me for my bad grades, Blame my teacher. Don't blame me for my poor work ethics, Blame my boss and of course, Don't blame me for getting pregnant, Blame the baby. Your not the victim, Your the perpetrator who deserves what they get. If your never forced to face the consequences, You will never learn from it. If you do something you know is wrong, You should have to suffer the consequences of your actions. Sometimes that means having things taken away, Sometimes it means giving you time to think about it and other times it means you should suffer physically.
    Don't get me wrong. I am not in favor of abuse. For parents, They key is love as well as respect. A parent shouldn't strike their child in anger but out of love as well as to gain their due respect. If a child defies or disobeys their parents, It shows a lack of respect that needs to be corrected in some manner. Sometimes, The best way to quickly correct such behavior is by making a big impact both figuratively and physically.

    A long time ago, My mom was asked to watch a friend of hers child. Her friend had a hard time finding someone to watch the child as it tended to do some very bad things such as break stuff and make a huge mess. After her friend came back she noticed her son playing quietly and her house (my moms) in perfect order. She asked my mom what she did to make him behave? My mom had no idea so she asked her son "Why where you so well behaved here and not other places? " to which he said "She spanks. " No, My mother didn't spank her fiends child but she did spank my older brother and the other child saw this. It was this fear that made him so respectful and obedient around my mother so made a huge positive reaction.

  • I discipline my little girls

    If my little girls disobey they get punished, And I think that's fine, You know. Like some people said, Girls need some punishment, More than boys.

    You know what I do with my little slutty girls? I whip their cute little bums, Then I insert my penis into their tiny little arseholes. It's never pleasant, They always cry, They always bleed, And they always regret misbehaving.

  • Children NEED structure in their lives.

    The current generation of Millennials and Generation Z's majority are entitled, Disrespectful, Careless and conceited, Narcissistic brats that act out because they've never lived in a structured environment. Children used to be spanked on a regular basis for acting up, Getting into fights, Stuff like that. Fathers used to whip their sons with their belts, What generation was that? The Greatest Generation, The ones that fought World War 2, And they grew up getting belt-whipped when they got in trouble badly enough. We could learn from our past. So long as it isn't without reason.

  • Yes they should

    If children disobey their parents should be allowed to hit children if they don’t listen or if they are misbehaving okay and yes parents should hit their child and yes my mom hit me once and I learned my lesson ok 👍 so yeah my final answer is yes ok good bye 👋

  • Teaches them the lesson

    Me and my older brother were physically disiplined when we were young. But my parents got tired of it so they didnt physically discipline my younger brothers, And all I can say is that they are much less well mannered. In my opinion screaming at your child is worse than a slap on the wrist psychologically. But at the same time, Just telling the kids not to do that isn't enough. I am not endorsing beating your kid up, But a little slap might help.

  • Omg yasss uwu

    I like it when my papa bites my nippies and when he slaps my cheeks or when he puts his peepee in my mouth and makes me drink it! He says its cuz i wuz bad gurl and its important to learn so he hits and punishes me and its ok i like it :3 uwu

  • This is what they get

    What is wrong with you people children are misbehaving and of course they are acting like spoiled brats why Of course that parents should hit their child if they disobey ok and yes I think that parents should hit their child if they disobey so yeah my final answer is yes bye

  • With certain limits, Of course.

    I firmly believe in the protection of everybody, The elderly, Adults and children alike. Hitting a child for obedience is acceptable and teaches them respect and obedience (Speaking from experience). Hitting a child out of sheer anger over a problem that has nothing to do with the child would be abuse in of itself.

    One thing I think many people seem to misinterpret is their definition of "hit". Some people think that "hit" means literally beating their children into submission or anything a little less severe. My version of hit is a slap in the face or a hit on the top of your hand. From personal experience (from being hit), It really teaches whether or not what we did was right or wrong.

  • Papa hits me but I stil llove him very much! <3

    Papa hits me on the face. Papa hits me on my veevee. Papa kicks me in my tummy. Papa leaves bruises all over my little body. Papa makes me eat nasty nasties. Papa makes me cry so much, But later me and papa make lots and lots of love! I love papa so so much! <3

  • That would be child abuse

    No, Parents should not be allowed to hit their children if they disobey. The punishment that children face for disobeying should be merciful and should help them understand the possible consequences of their decisions. Hitting them is the complete opposite of those things.
    If you have to hit your child to make them obey, Maybe the rules you're enforcing aren't very fair. And I'm pretty sure it would be child abuse.

  • Teaches them nothing

    We are taught not to hit other people, And that violence isn't the answer. Then what are the parents if they hit? It shows that they are a hypocrite. I don't understand the need to hit children. There are many other ways and possibilities to discipline your children if you intend on using violence as your answer, Perhaps you should rethink how you discipline your kids.

  • Teach morality, Not obedience to powerful authority.

    Adults are much stronger than small kids and can hurt even if they don't intend it. It is painful, Unpleasant, And scary for anyone to be hit by someone twice their size.

    Violence may shock a kid into behaving, But if it works long-term, It works because there is a credible fear or threat of violence. Violence and fear neither make for a healthy, Loving family environment nor teach moral lessons. If the goal of discipline is to teach a child the moral foundations they need to make good decisions independently of being watched by an authority, It must teach them the reasons behind why something is bad. Age-appropriate reasoning enables kids to come to the appropriate decision themselves. It needn't be complicated - "You shouldn't steal because somebody else worked hard to pay for that. /Would you like it if I took your game from you? " "Susan looks like she's hurt and upset. Do you think that's because you hit her? "

    Obviously, Kids aren't always responsive to common sense. In these cases, It's easy to get angry. Other punishments that don't make the child see their parent as someone to fear include 'time-out', Chores, Or forfeiting something the child was looking forward to or enjoys. For it to work, It ought to be in proportion to what they did, And followed through on. If a kid learns that your non-physical warnings are serious, They are more likely to respond seriously to them. Discipline is difficult to get right all the time, But it's the overall trend that the kid will remember. Hitting isn't necessary to have a behaved child. It's more about being consistent, Firm, And serious.

  • In most cases i say no

    I think in some extreme situations it might be justified, But in most others it is simply child abuse, Primitive people perpetuate violence when they hit their kids, Its like when slave owners beat their slaves, So slavery is wrong so is beating your kid, Only backwards vile typesdo it

  • They don't learn anything.

    If a child misbehaves and all you do is push a bookshelf on them or what have you, They don't learn anything about what they did and why it's wrong, And all they'll learn is that if they do something wrong they'll be hit, Which leads to them thinking that their best friend Suzy who won't share her Oreos deserves a smack.

  • Communication, My dudes

    When u hit children for their wrong deeds, There is literally no communication. They'll probably grow up to be a violent person and won't even understand the basics of communication. Communication is an essential element of life and it should be learnt by all children. With parents hitting children, Communication in all means fails so lmao yea jokes on you parents i guess.

  • That won’t teach’ me anything at all

    Several studies have shown that hitting children causes them contrary effect to the one intended because it sort of causes resentment and hate towards their parents and also causes trauma later in life while teaching children lessons with kindness and respect works better as they can truly comprehend what’s right of bad

  • Hitting Kids Doesn't Actually Teach Them Anything and Has Been Linked With Negative Effects Into Adulthood

    This is a pretty easy answer when yo qualify it, Pretty much the only reason I've seen argued for spanking/ hitting kids is as a way to teach them discipline, So the real question is whether or not this is accurate. It seems like the answer is no. Pretty much every reputable psychological study I have read has shown that physical punishment doesn't help kids to learn from their mistakes, In fact, It seems to do the opposite, Kids who are hit are more likely to use violence as a solution to other problems in their lives and it been repeatedly linked to increase rates of delinquency or criminal activity. Some studies even show that corporal punishment effects the brain, Children who are frequently spanked have been shown to have reduced cognitive ability when compared to other children. This isn't to say that you aren't allowed to use negative feed back with your child, Of course you can't just roll over and say yes to everything or only give them positive responses, I'm just saying that those negative responses shouldn't come from hitting, At the end of the day we wanna teach kids to grow and learn from their mistakes and corporal punishment just doesn't seem to achieve that goal.

  • Spanking doesn't really do any good

    Based on some research I did, Spanking kids can have some bad effects on them (ex. Violent behavior, Depression, Etc. . )

    There are better ways to discipline children other than spanking because spanking them doesn't reach them anything from right and wrong most times, It usually teaches them fear and that they can't make mistakes. I would say that if anything else doesn't work on the kid, Than spanking is the last resort.
    But otherwise, Spanking is not really good discipline.

  • It just teaches them a violence

    Children learns by seeing and watching something or by looking. . Usually children see what there parent do or their elders and the children follows that and learns that so if the parent hit the children the children will get trauma and make child also do that hitting and so when the child grow up and marry and have a child, They will do the same thing. And also if the parent hit the child the child will have a trauma and the love on the family will brake.

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