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Should parents be held accountable for the failure of their children in school

  • Parents are held accountable for children failure

    Parents need to discipline their children, So that they don’t have to worry if they need help. Also it will help them understand what education is good for. They will learn what to work for instead of sitting in front of a tv and show no respect. If the parents don’t do anything about their children failure in school and keep encouraging to learn, Then the parent is the cause for that child’s failure and future.

  • Their should be held accountable for the failure of their children in school

    It's the responsible of the parent to help and tell their children to study and stop playing course playing will take them no where in life all their going to do is fail more and more and their will not get a job for look afther their parents and make them happy

  • No one should have to take the blame for someone else's wrongdoings.

    If your children are serial psychopaths who have killed others, Are you saying that it would be fair for you to go to jail on behalf of your children and let them roam about society, Potentially killing more people in their way?

    Similarly, If your children are failing miserably in school because they can't be bothered to do well, They should face the consequences of their own actions so that they will be incentivized to work harder in the near future.

  • No they shouldnt be fully blamed

    They should be blamed for part of the problem but some of the teachers are not very good at teaching making it difficult to learn let alone the fact that some of these teachers are aggrivating making it even more difficult to learn. But I do belive that the parents should have some of the blame too but the teachers need to step up.

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