Should parents be held accountable for their children’s actions

  • Defining the Word "Children"

    When referring to a child, The argument proposes the conceptualization that parents should be held accountable for their children's actions, Which doesn't entail 80 year old accountancy for 50 year old people. It specifically refers to the young children, Probably 0-17 years old.

    This is important in order to maintain good behavior or persona, Because it advocates for strong adulthood and life, Which is accepted by the knowledge and lessons taught by paternal and maternal units or guardians.

  • Parents should be held accountable for their children's actions

    The parents are responsable for their children its not like the mom or dad will go up to a random person and say take my child if they want baby they need to take care of their child, If the kid got hurt by another person they need to do whats right and not stay in the corner they also need to be accountable with themselves to.

  • No some people are just bad

    I suppose you want to arrest an 80 year old women because her 50 year old son did something bad. There is an age when parents are no longer responsible for what their children do. Personally I think by 10 years a child will act independent.
    There was this family that had 5 children. They were all mannered children and came from a respectable family but the middle child was so evil. He would misbehave and then get in trouble. He parents were firm but that child was evil. Eventually he went to juvie and then to prison.
    Some children are bad and you should not blame the parents.

  • Children choose who they hang out with

    A 17 old who shoved $10 belt in her bag because her friends told her too, The teen ended up being charged $75 worth of the stuff. This shows that we need to know to choose the right friends who won’t peer pressure us into doing wrong things like stealing. So should friends be responsible for their friends actions, No but this just shows that some people have fake friends sometimes.

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