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Should parents pay fines for students misbehavior?

  • We need to dis courage bad behavior.

    Rather than claim that a fine disadvantages the disadvantaged, Let us hold "fines" as just one option in the toolbox for encouraging good behavior. A fine could be levied against the parents, But the option of having the student "work off the fine" could be used. Community service has been used in the past with some good effect.

  • It is useless

    In my opinion, It's useless to pay for students. I am a student and for me, Even if parents paid for their childrens, They will not stop to act like this because it's not a punishment for them. If we sanction someone, We must sanction the guilty! Moreover, Their are families where children don't listen their parents because they don't care about it so why sanction the parents?

  • It may disadvantage lower-income families; also it is not the parent who did the misbehaviour but the student

    I don't really know but if parents paid fines for students' misbehaviour, Here are the issues I see:

    1. It may disadvantage lower-income families thus disadvantaging the student and anyone else their family financially supports, And I don't think that is really fair to do to a family
    2. What about emancipated students and students whose parents are not really physically present in their lives? If there is a deadline for fines, What about students whose parents are on holiday so they are not home at the moment et cetera? If students are in foster care, Will their guardian still have to pay fines or not?
    3. If the student is a legal adult, Will their parents still have to pay fines for their children's misbehaviour or will the student have to pay the fine themselves?
    4. While it is possible that the parents may have contributed to the students' misbehaviour, It is not the parent who did the misbehaviour but the student

    The merits I personally see in parents having to pay fines for students' misbehaviour is MAYBE more family involvement in students' lives, But just because parents have to pay fines for their children's misbehaviour doesn't automatically mean they will become much more involved in their children's lives

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